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Gay Marriage and Civil Unions

Here in Illinois the State House is on the cusp of a vote to create legal Civil Unions for Gays. Confidence is high that enough votes will pass to send it to the Senate which most involved are pretty sure will send it on up to Governor Quinn whom has already stated he is behind it 100%. Read More…

George Ryan Early Release

The felonious ex-Gov. George Ryan may be released early


George Ryan committed literally dozens of federal crimes and gets a mere 6 years for it.  He has served approximately half that time and now they want to let him out. Not because of good behavior or because he`s working on something big and important that benefits the community at large and proven himself rehabilitated. Its because his wife will more then likely die before he gets out otherwise.

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Military pay Freeze

Somehow I missed this in the news, but a friends blog brought it to my attention

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“Don`t ask Don`t tell”

Gays in the Military? Who woulda thought


A little while back a move to repeal the “Don`t ask Don`t tell” policy in the military was shot down in the Senate. Republicans in Senate say the want to see the report by our Military on what effect this may have on “Military Readiness”

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Better to give than to Recieve

Me Me ME

So many people are all about the ME. Why is that I wonder. “Whats in it for me?”, “Out for number 1″,”Not MY problem” and a hundred other cliches about selfishness. I don`t get it myself. Read More…

Family Values

Whats in a name?

What makes us Family? Is it sharing a name and a lineage? Is it in the blood in the D.N.A? Are we Mother and Father because we mixed our genes and out came a Life? Read More…

Happy Thanksgiving

Or as I like to say
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