A more Honest Congress

In 6 easy steps that will Never Happen

1.End all “Special Interest” donations to campaigns

(ie.Corporations,Religious Organizations,Lobby Groups…etc)

1a.All donations to campaigns should come from actual People only.

2. Ween off the Party system

a.We can start by removing party titles from senate and house name plaques and ban the use of party titles during sessions.

b.Have a coordinator with a list of who is in what party arrange their seats so no two people from the same party are seated next to each other.Seeing as the parties are not even, the remaining single party members will be seated in the rear and each week rotated in the mix.

c.Over time [months] start randomizing the seating.

d.Work at getting newspapers radio and TV to stop using the titles

3.Enforce Term limits

3a.The President only serves 2 terms,all reps and senators should do the same.These lifers in congress only weigh the system down with antiquated ways and ideas.

4.Housing and other appointments for congressmen

a.Each will be provided adequate housing based on family size

b.Each will be granted a ,lets call it a sign on bonus,to buy furniture and whatnot.

c.Each will be provided 2 hybrid vehicles, a sedan and an SUV or 2 sedans or 2 SUV`s,their choice based on their needs or preferences.

5.Salaries will be appropriately Reduced, seeing as home and transport are provided.

6.Remove Congresses right to vote their own pay raise.

a.Every 2 years each state will hold a vote for what scale of raise their Senators and Reps get, say, 3%,5%,8%.

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