Everybody wants to scream about the bail-out on wall street.Though nobody ever stops to think what would happen if all those banks went completely under.Look at the damage caused by just a few banks and lenders goin under did.Can you imagine the catastrophe if all of them went under because the bail-out never happened?As a side not. President Bush started the Bail-Out system President Obama AND Congress took it to the next level.He wasn`t acting alone people.

Ever heard of “The Great Depression”? Know what caused that?.The Stock Market crashed.Kinda like what happened when the “Housing Bubble” popped.Our economy Rises and Falls at the breathes of a few Mega-Corporations.They go down, it All goes down.The executives in charge couldn`t care less either way really.They would just take their billions to some other country and start over again.

Every is so quick to blame someone, but they are blaming the wrong people.Its those in charge of the Mega-Corps that made this happen,and its Congresses fault that was even possible for them to pull the scams they pulled for years that caused the domino effect from hell.Stop blaming President Obama for something he not only Didn`t do but led the charge to create new regulation to hopefully stop this from happening again.

I`m not tooting the Obama Horn here.I know he`s made mistakes.I just believe in placing blame where it belongs.This whole thing began during the Bush era.What did he do to stem the tide? Not enough obviously.So if you Must lay it on a Presidents head,lay it on the right one. Better still, blame the wall-street Jackals that pulled this crap on us.

Why aren`t they all in Jail then, you ask? Simple,their some of the most powerful and influential people in this country with billions of dollars at their disposal.They even smell a warrant coming for them and they throw the be-all end-all of monkey wrenches at the market and head for some tropical hide-out or maybe jus outright buy a small country.

Nothing is ever as black and white as people want to believe,wake up and smell the shades of gray .


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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

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