Gay Marriage

WHY is this even a legal debate?

Some Religions take issue with Homosexuality, as well as some individual people for their own personal reasons, thats fine in and of itself.It is their Right to feel anyway they want about it.

What I don`t understand is how there can be LAWS against Gay-Marriage.Personal and Religious views and opinions are Not what law is made of.Taken into account perhaps but Not the basis of law.

Logical,rational,considered opinion balanced between the needs and wants of the people as a whole and the needs and wants of the varied individuals within the whole is the stuff of Lawmaking.The wants and or ambitions of any select person or persons, Religion, Institution or Organization be it financially,religiously or politically based should only be taken into consideration in so much as those wants and ambitions serve the greater good to the majority without causing overt hardship or an atmosphere of discrimination or prejudice against any individual or group of individuals within the whole.

By what Logic does the Federal Government allow this imposing of Second-Class citizen status? How is it that the Federal lawmakers Rationalize the denial of a certain group of free citizens the right to pursue happiness? By what consideration does such a thing serve the good of the people in the United States as a whole without denying the basic liberties of a rather large group of free citizens?

By not passing law to force individual States to Recognize the FULL Rights of homosexuals the Federal Government is blatantly Sanctioning an unethical and Unconstitutional form of Discrimination. The very citizens every Man and Woman in political office is Sworn to serve with the powers vested in the them by the very Constitution they are violating when they say Certain free citizens will only be allowed Certain rights under the law.

It was wrong when they did it to non-Caucasians.It was wrong when they did it to women.It is just as wrong to do it to Gays.They changed the laws and made it right on the first two counts. Now its time for the triple play.

One could quibble over the wording or as they say”Letter of the Law” within the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but that doesn`t hold water.The number one purpose of the U.S Supreme Court is to “Interpret the Word and Spirit of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by which this country is Founded”.

The “Spirit” was interpreted to include Women and non-Caucasians by the Supreme Court of the United States. Yet somehow Gays are still being segregated and discriminated against by LAW.This baffles me.

It`s time to end Segregation

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