High Priced Favors

Pay to Play its the American Way

Corporations and other Organizations such as Unions and large Church coalitions dump Millions upon millions into Political campaigns.Is it really such a stretch to think that these “Special Interest” groups are effectively trying to buy favor from the candidates and the party these candidates represent?

If I know raising a certain tax would mean your group will lose some money off the top and you`re group drops 5 million to get me elected. Would it be in my best interest once in office to vote for the increase or against? Presuming of course I want to get re-elected next term.

Lobbyists are not much better. In too many cases they approach key members in congress and bribe them for what they want.Promises of campaign funding is just the beginning.One nice trick is fly them to some location to discuss whatever it is the lobbying group is representing.First-Class and sometimes even private jet flights. Limos with full stock bars, 3 day stays at 4 star hotels , all to sit for 2 hours in a  plush office and hear the sales pitch.A working vacation never looked so good.

Theres also the gifts.They have to be very careful about that.Flat out cash is  too obvious.Favors are safer, sometimes simple as Mr Congressman’s nephew becoming VP at some corporate office,or maybe a division of a company has a bit of bad luck and stocks drop.Mr.Congressmen being a savvy investor sees an opportunity to buy cheap.Six months later that stock is skyrocketing.Right after word is out that a new regulation bill failed and that particular industry has more room to maneuver at the edges of the law.

I can think of a dozen little things and those would be just the simplest. Some of these scams they run are so involved it takes a team of lawyers months even years to work through.

All of this needs to STOP.There will always be ways to use money to curry favor but it can be minimized.

No more Corporate campaign money.No more religious group donations, or unions or any other “special interest ” groups.All campaign funds should be sent by People, not organizations.Besides, just because some corporation or group says they endorse someone it does not mean everyone involved feels the same, so it misrepresents the will of the people.

A nice low cap on lobbying would help too. Full disclosure and a monetary limit.Travel, dining, assorted  accommodations, presentation, everything the lobbyist provides accounted for and held to  a specific overall limit.A round-trip ticket from Washington DC to say New York and a 2 night stay at the Ramada does NOT come out to 5 million dollars,no matter How many scotch and tonics Mr.Congressman had on the plane.

Theres enough Horse-Trading in Legitimate politics already

Stop the Pay to Play Politics

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