Prayer in School

An old debate,but still going in some areas.I say no to it,at least in public schools.It violates the principle of separation between Church and State.It also grants preference to one religion over others which is somewhat against the 1st Amendment of the U.S Constitution.

Amendment I
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”(partial quote)

Now I realize it does not violate this Amendment directly but public schools are supported and sanctioned by the State Governments which are regulated by the Federal Government.It is easy to see how this indirectly violates the above quoted portion of the 1st Amendment.All individual State Constitutions are derived from the U.S Constitution.A State funded and Regulated body is bound by both State and U.S Constitutional Law.

The other point, that it grants privilege to one Religion over others is obvious.The only way to avoid such preference is to devise a prayer generic enough to encompass All Religions.You may not think thats a big deal but study up on the worlds Religions a bit then try to come up with a cover all prayer,good luck,you`ll need it.There is only one way to keep from offending or negating any one religion.Dont do it at all in school and there won`t be a problem.

Besides the fact that school is about academics,belief in higher powers is taught at home in church,mosque,synagogue what have you.This does not belong in public school accept in the hearts of those who follow a faith system.

Religion is a very personal thing and has no place in a public school system.

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