The Pledge of Allegiance

Why are children constantly being forced to repeat the Pledge time after time.Children so young they can`t even Spell half the words saying those old lines day after day.Its sick and sad state of affairs that people actually consider this acceptable.

How can you coerce a child, lacking the knowledge and maturity to understand much less comprehend what a Pledge or an Allegiance to anything is,into saying that old pledge.Its an empty promise, a hollow pledge with no relative idea to what an allegiance is beyond the natural born allegiance they feel toward their own family.

I say it should end.Its meaningless without understanding and conviction behind it.Teaching children that something as sacrosanct as the Pledge of Allegiance is nothing more than something to be said to a flag is horrible.How can they learn what Honor and Dignity are when their taught to just throw Pledges around like a parrot repeating a line for a cracker.Its absurd and demeaning not only to the child but also to the Flag and the Nation for which it stands for.

I`m not the most patriotic person around but I at least have a healthy respect for what it truly means to Pledge your Allegience to your country.When a person has acheived the the concious level of understanding the maturity to pledge them self with conviction and the understanding of what it all means,then and only then,should they be given the choice to sya the Pledge of Allegience. I will say again the CHOICE, because if it is not by considered choice it is just as meaningless as the child that cant even spell the words saying it.

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