The Two-Party System

Divided loyalty will be the death of a Nation

Republicans hate Democrats.Democrats hate Republicans. Both hate every other party looking for a foothold.The civil war within our Congress is killing us.

At its simplest a politicians job is to seek a balance of what is best for the Nation in general and their constituency in particular. Setting the wants of their “Party” before either of these is a betrayal to the people.As it is now a political party Candidate owes loyalty to their party. their party owes loyalty to whichever special interest groups pay the most into their campaigns.These groups owe loyalty to their agendas.

Once in office things turn to the utterly ridiculous. Numerous times the Democratic party and the Republican party have Vowed to fight any proposal brought out by “the Other Guys”.This is schoolyard childishness. What if its a Good idea that really could make a difference and one side automatically shoots it down just because it was “Those Guys” that brought it out?

A major problem is simply a totally different idea of how things should work. A Republican government and a Democratic one are polar opposites of each other.We have two completely Different forms of government competing for control.It`s as if the civil war never actually ended it just slipped into Cold-War status.How is this a healthy way to run a Nation of millions.

If you Don`t know already, a Republican Government is a form of Government where those in power decide what is best for a nation, regardless of what the people want.They have full unilateral control.In most cases of Republican Government today they also give you your only options when it comes election time (China has an Republican Government). Not what I consider an unbiased or Free election process.

In a Democratic Governmental system,.The Government makes all the decisions, but with consideration to the will of the people,not that they always actually listen but,there is also a difference come election time.In a Democratic society, anyone can run if they match certain specific criteria.Age limit,citizen status and in most cases residency.Don`t like the job the last guy or gal did? Pick a new Candidate.You could even put up your neighbor for a vote if they fit the requirements, even I could run for President if I felt like it and none can say no.

Why use an outdated system that is no longer relevant and far far to prone to corruption? It doesn’t work so why use it? Are we just that lazy that we need someone to tell us who to vote for? Are we so unintelligent that we need to be led by the hand to the voting booth and have our choices made for us so we don`t hurt ourselves?

Don`t vote for who your TOLD

Vote for what you WANT.


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