Them people

Those,They,Them people. Ugggh

Let me explain.

If I`m looking out the window and see a group of people together doing something,I may say “Look at those people over there”.
Someone mentions some group of people having done something,I may say “What is wrong with them?”.I see gas prices rise again(happens too often)I may say”Why can`t They do something about that?”,obviously referring to those with the authority or influence to actually do something about it.All these statemenets have a context.

Now just today I`m at the store and the card reader was having an issue with debit card.Someone behind me makes the comment “Those people need to learn how to use a credit card right”. I wasn`t wearing some kind of uniform and hadn`t happened to state an affiliation with any organizations and I was there alone. So WHO are “Those” people he was referring to? What context was that statement made under I wonder.Besides it was a Debit not a Credit card,but I won`t fault him that,it looks just like any other credit card.

A little while back,I am at the gas station picking up some cigarettes and I`m a few cents short. As I walk back to the door to go grab a quarter from the car I hear the woman at the counter comment to a customer “They really need to make sure they scrounge enough change before they come in here buggin me”. Again I`m alone,wearing nothing distinguishing and hadn`t ever said anything about belonging to any group of any kind in there.I came back with the correct change and just Had to ask who “They” are.She feigned ignorance,come to think of it, she wasn`t feigning she IS ignorant.

One time in an aisle at the grocery store, a young woman near me turns in my direction and says “What is wrong with Them people walking around lookin like that”. So I look up and down the aisle all I see is her and a young man at the end of the aisle alone. Now the term “Them people” of course had me expecting to see at least two or more similar appearing people in the aisle yet all I see is one young man with a rather colorfully decorated jacket on and this woman with her confusing grammer near me. I had to ask who these people she refered to were. She walked away a bit miffed.

These are just a few recent examples

I have many any examples, some lead to heated arguments.A few to fist fights, in my own self-defense of course. I may have provoked a bit though ;). Not that I advocate violence nor did I actually intend to provoke said Fist Fights.

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