Universal Health care re-Visited

My girlfriend is laying in a Cardiac unit because she was misdiagnosed by the ER.They said she had the Flu and sent her home.Racing heartbeat and blood pressure in the basement and blacking out.They call it the Flu and send her home.She doesn’t have insurance.

She has now been diagnosed with Seizures which are possibly small Strokes and an as yet unidentified heart condition.Its only been a few days since the ER let her go.They damn near killed her with the slap a band-aid on it and kick them out the door policy for uninsured emergencies.

How many thousands have similar stories unfolding right this minute? How many have died and how many Have to die before the people that can change it actually care?A moot question I know.Those with the power, do not and will not ever care.It doesn’t effect them and never will.They make their money off the backs of the poor and live their lives oblivious to the world most of us live in.The poor the hungry the unemployed, nothing but numbers in a statistic to them.The kind of people that rarely if ever vote, so why care about them right?

This needs to end and soon.There is NO good reason for people to get sick and die simply for lack of insurance they can`t afford.Someones gotta pay thats a fact,but there are organizations and individual people already donating to the hospitals to care for the unprivileged masses and more that would if given the right incentive.How many millions are spent every year to provide food and medicine to 3rd world countries while people here suffer and die needlessly? The money is out there we just need a program that works to get it where it needs to go and give incentives to put money in it.

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