Universal Health care

Healthy Americans is a Bad Thing ?

What is the problem with universal Health care,why is this such a problem? The only people I ever hear complain about it are those that don`t need it.Those that need it most are the people never heard from because they`re to poor to be heard all the way up on Capital Hill it seems.

I know for a Fact that people lose jobs because they get ill and can`t afford proper treatment.Treatment which would have them back at work in a day maybe two instead of bedridden for a week.I know because its happened to me, more than once.I`ve met many that have had the same happen to them.Miss too many days and your fired.

Many jobs set the work hours to stay under the full-time mark because part-time workers are not eligible for insurance.Many utilize Temp Services for the same reason,no benefits for temps.Temps are a dime a dozen,one gets sick theres plenty more where that one came from.In todays job market even regular company part-timers expendable.I`ve seen Fast-Food restaurants with a waiting list to get a job there.

So How is denying basic health care to the citizens of this nation a bad idea? I imagine insurance outfits are screaming murder over it because they would need to lower their unbelievable profit margins to compete.As it stands now, your job don`t offer it,you get your own if you can and some get their own to supplement their employer provided insurance.

How does this hurt anyone else? Who cares if the insurance companies would be forced to lower their inflated prices and offer better service for your dollar? We need Universal Health care and Federal Regulation across the board.

I`m sick and Tired of gettin Sick and Tired
how bout you?

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