BP hits home

BP oil (aka: Those damned IDIOTS),have hit close to home for me.Far enough for me to be safe but still too close for comfort.


Nov. 18, 2010, 10:56 am

The replacement of a 700-foot section of a BP xylene pipeline in the southeast corner of Kankakee County was completed Wednesday, but the anxiety of local residents will likely continue over whether any of the chemical leaked into the groundwater.

Xylene, which smells like model airplane glue, is a very common chemical made from crude oil and used extensively in manufacturing plastics, paints, polymer fiber, pesticides, gasoline and many other products. As a contaminant, it can cause a wide variety of health problems, from dizziness to kidney and liver damage.”

Call me an alarmist if you want, but these are the same people that just not that long ago made the Exxon Valdez incident look like someone peed in the pool. see here orĀ  here or pretty much all over the internet. So call me alarmist or having a knee jerk reaction but these guys have one HELL of a bad reputation.

The Need for Greed is all these people understand and skimping on safety and taking any shortcut they can pull off is damn near the company Mission Statement.


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