Sexual Preference

The term ” Sexual Preference ” is a misnomer when applied to Homosexuals.Bi-Sexuals on the other hand it could apply to. Bi-Sexuals have romantic and or sexual feeling for both the sexes, but many if not all do have a preference toward one or the other. Homosexuals like Heterosexuals lack  these dual feelings.

Preference denotes choice or or more then one option.Heterosexuals have interest in only the opposite sex. Homosexuals have interest only in the same sex as themselves.No choice no option equals no preference. We won`t go into Metrosexuals here, I`m still wrapping my brain around that one.

Heterosexuals are born that way, at some point in life at times earlier than but often not until puberty they realize their feelings for the opposite sex and what it means. Homosexuals, same thing, though because of societies general demonization of Homosexuality, which is thankfuly fading more and more, they don`t always realize so soon.Some do but many “go thru the motions” of being Hetero,until they finally are able to admit to themself even if not to everyone around them that their feelings are for their own sex.

Bisexuals often the same as Homosexuals, though they have a better advantage, at least Female Bi-Sexuals do. Many men find the idea of two women together in such a way quite arousing,so its more widely accepted by society. Not to say men should be the authority of behavior, simply because their men.I mean the Fact that in positions of power,influence social status, you find many Mnay more then then women.We still have a generally male dominated society. Thankfuly though women are gaining more equality all the time.


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2 responses to “Sexual Preference”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    This is a particularly good post.

  2. StewieJT says :

    Good points. I’ve managed to wrap my head around metrosexuals, if you’re interested:

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