The Man Animal

The Man Animal

Xenological study 1369-OU812

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The Man Animal

A bipedal species with an amazing ability to adapt its environment to suit itself an unparalleled use of tools and extermely complex governing systems within their packs.Generally omnivorous, but many are herbivorous,actually its quite the trend in the man animal the past few decades.

There are many distinct classification of the species around the world,generally adapted based upon climate and terrain. Many are distinguishable by height and coloration as well as facial features and of course language.They have an amazing range of languages that are highly developed even in a particular region there are many sub dialects.This last often creates difficulties from subsect to subsect.

They have no natural predator it seems,beyond disease. They seem to make up for this by preying upon one another,often for no discernible reason .They seem to cling to large groups in a communal manner and apply their tool making abilities to create viscous even frightening weapons to attack other packs with.The most unusual thing is that these attacks are often not for feeding ground or mating rights as other species of animal are prone to do but heppen for seemingly arbritrary reasons at times. For some unknown reason that defies all logic, they have been reported employing weapons of such devastation that the land the opposing pack inhabits becomes unlivable.

They exist at the top of their food chain,have learned to create habitations in even the most inhospitable of lands.They even have begun to conquer disease in the past few centuries.Yet still, they seem intent on wiping each other off the planet.Differences in appearance and language seem to be more then enough for them as an exuse to wage all out war upon one another.Even attacking one another within their own communal environments simply because one of the lighter colored ones takes to mateing with a darker skinned one.

These often confusing creatures have every advantage it seems.Intelligence, dexterity, creativity beyond every other species on the planet, yet they have yet to evolve to a level of reason and logic that would truly make them the superior species.One can only wonder what it is that is halting their progression and in many cases regressing their natural state to that of mindless savagery.

One can only hope they live up to their amazing potential, they are quite fascinating.Alas, they seem intent on destroying themselves long before they can though.Truly a shame,many show signs of true evolution, but the masses dismiss them too easily out of hand.Further study Must come soon if we are to understand the mechanations of this creature before it drives itself into extinction.

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