Higher Taxes “Mandated” in Illinois

Higher Taxes “Mandated” in Illinois

Gov. Patt Quinn of Illinois has lost his mind.He`s all for raiseing taxes in Illinois and because he somehow conned his way into a full term, he is calling it a “Mandate” to raise taxes. WHAT???.

By what twist of demented Logic do you come to THIS  conclusion?

Illinois has some of the highest taxes in the country already.Businesses are running from Illinois like rats on meth fleeing a sinking ship. Unemployement is almost 10% here. The welfare department is about to explode at the seams and you want to RAISE TAXES?

Patt, do us a favor here in Illinois would ya ? Put away the Sock Monkey and get an actual Human Being for an Economic Advisor, OK?

From what I`ve read in various Newspaper and Magazine articles, the Illinois Budget Deficit by year end 2011 will be between 13 and 16 Billion dollars.So just exactly which Taxes are you proposing to raise and how high? 13 -16 Billion are pretty tall numbers Mr Governor. As I understand last year a move to raise income tax by around 3% was shot down in the Illinois House and that would have made a nice dent ,about 9 Billion or so, in the deficit. A plan to punch a gaping hole in Illinois Debt was put down by the Illinois House last year, so what makes you think you can pull off anything even close to useful This year?

Heres a novel thought, STOP SPENDING MONEY WE AIN`T GOT !!!
I know I know, sometimes theres no choice, thats just the way it is, running an entire state is massively expensive but come on. Theres plenty that can be cut back on and budgeted better I`m sure. Heres one that would help, feel free to take credit for the idea too, Give Yourself a Pay Cut. You`re provided a Mansion for cryin out loud. You have no rent to pay, you get a car and a driver to haul you around. I don`t know what your grocery budget is but try cuttin back on the $40 steaks and the $300 bottles of wine and you can get by on a lil less paycheck.

I could list a 101 ways damn near everyone on your payroll could get buy on a little less money. If I knew what all the state was paying and why, I could probably spot a 1001 ways to cut the budget back as well, just about Any working Mom out there could as well. “Spend it like ya got it” has got to stop because Illinois DON`T got it. Raising taxes in Illinois is going be tantamount to blood from a Turnip and Still not be anywhere near enough unless some Real and Logical cutbacks are made.

A new way of thinking and acting has got to start or nothing of any real use is going to happen, Local, State Or Federal, it ALL needs to change.

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