Better to give than to Recieve

Me Me ME

So many people are all about the ME. Why is that I wonder. “Whats in it for me?”, “Out for number 1″,”Not MY problem” and a hundred other cliches about selfishness. I don`t get it myself.

Yea I sometimes wonder what I`ll get out of doing something, but, I don`t base my entire decision to do or not do something on it. Too many people do though. Personally I don`t get it, I do understand some are just selfish self-absorbed jerks, what I don`t get it is why their that way.

Some people are taught to be this way in childhood, others have had bad things happen in life that brought it on, many, way too many, seem to just have decided all on their own to be this way for no logical reason.

I`m not saying everyone should just stop thinking about them self and just give give give. That would be foolish, plenty of people are more then ready to take advantage of the situation. What I am saying is we, all people, should at least take a moment to ask ourself, “how will it hurt me if I do this?” not just “what do I get for it?”

Doing for others comes naturally to me, maybe thats why it confuses me so much, then again, maybe not.

After all, most Religions have moral stories and tenets about giving meaning more then receiving.

Even non-Christians talk about Christmas being a time to Give. A whole day set aside to glorify giving to others.

Seems quite a majority for a long time have felt the way I do.

Being kind and giving can be very rewarding, not just spiritually or karmicly, though those are good reasons, theres also pure logic. If you stay in a habit of kindness and generosity, it can come back to you in return. A person with a reputation of giving is more likely to receive from others in a time of need. It`s not a guarantee but the chances are much higher then they are for someone who is known as selfish and un-caring.

Heres a couple of scenarios to show what I mean.


Mr Johnson was a nice old guy at the end of the block. Always had a wave and a “how ya doin?” for the neighbors or pretty much anybody walkin by. Dropped a few dollars in the offering plate every Sunday and was quick to get a lemonade on Saturday mornings from little johnny`s stand across the street last summer. The Smiths down the block had a baby over the winter and Mr. Johnson just had to dig out that old hand carved cradle his grandson used to sleep in and give it to them. Like he said “Ain`t doin no good up in that dusty old attic anyway.” Pretty much the whole neighborhood had a story or two about “Kind Old Mr. Johnson down the block.”

One late afternoon in the fall, Old Mr. Johnson fell off a ladder cleaning the gutters on his garage, he cracked his hip and was looking at a couple of months down time.


Kevin had a nice condo, sporty little ride and a nice piece of eye candy to hang under his arm on Friday nights.He had a nice job at a small insurance company looking for ways to Not pay out.

One day his neighbor Jack rang his bell, “Hey Kev my batteries dead think I could get a lift to work I`m a little late?”. “Sorry Jack” he says “running late myself and its out of my way” (they work a block apart by the way).

A couple of days later Kevin sees Old Lady Jones trying to heft a couple of sacks of groceries and manage her keys to get in her door. He passes by with a quick nod and hits the stairs almost at a run.

One night Kevin breaks his leg at an overpriced nightclub doing some crazy dance move to impress his dates girlfriend she just introduced him to.

So heres a question for you. Which one has friends and neighbors dropping in because” I was just sittin at home bored and thought you might like some company and seein as I`m here how bought I straighten up a bit? You just relax.”, and the old “I made more then I thought and I Hate to waste a good roast”?

Don`t be kind and generous just to get it back later, do it just because its a good thing. But the rewards are nice too 🙂 .


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