“Don`t ask Don`t tell”

Gays in the Military? Who woulda thought


A little while back a move to repeal the “Don`t ask Don`t tell” policy in the military was shot down in the Senate. Republicans in Senate say the want to see the report by our Military on what effect this may have on “Military Readiness”

Well that report is coming sooner then expected now. It`s due on Nov 30. Its about damned time something gets moving on this. The “Don`t ask Don`t tell” policy originated in 1993 under Pres. Clinton, it effectively allows Gays to serve their country in the Armed Forces as long as they don`t volunteer their sexual orientation and the military is not allowed to ask about it.

It was a small but important step in the direction of ending this ridiculous prejudice against gays. Harry Reid summed this more recent move up fairly well.

“During the work period following the Thanksgiving holidays, I will bring the Defense Authorization bill to the floor, including a repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ Our Defense Department supports repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ as a way to build our all-volunteer armed forces. We need to repeal this discriminatory policy so that any American who wants to defend our country can do so.”
Senate Majority Leader                                                                                          Harry Reid

Why this is an issue in the first place is beyond logic and reason. Service Men and Women have a job to doand being Gay does NOT effect performance of their duties. There are thousands of Gays in the Military keeping quiet and there always have been. Gay is nothing new and keeping quiet about it is a long standing tradition in American History. I personally have known several Gays who served and served their country well. I also know 2 individual who were “straight” as you get and were not exactly shining examples of Military discipline.

I know one man currently in the Army is a womanizing pig trying to repopulate the earth with his own children and taking no responsibility for all but 2 of them. Hes also a woman abuser. His “Straightness” does nothing to make him a better person or a better soldier. Hes just a jack-ass in a uniform.

Repeal these stupid rules against gays in the Military Please Mr. and Mrs. Senators. it`s stupid, pointless and discriminatory. All things the Military of this Country should stand Against,not promote.

Sexual orientation has absolutely Nothing to do with the character of the individual nor their ability to Serve their Country Honorably.

Maybe ,just MAYBE if you make the Military loosen up and let more good people who just happen to be gay in, they can start dumping the fools and rabble you allow in now just to fill bunks.

American Pride and Gay Pride should Not be mutually exclusive. We are Americans we have Big hearts and lots of room for many kinds of pride in ourselves, the Country we live in and the people who Serve it.

You can Ban this guy though…PLEASE!!!

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4 responses to ““Don`t ask Don`t tell””

  1. rhulshofschmidt says :

    Thanks for a great post. The whole fuss over DADT is ridiculous. See my husband’s post on this and other rights: http://hulshofschmidt.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/why-do-you-get-to-decide-what-im-allowed-to-have/

  2. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Nice to see other intelligent and thought provoking blogs in a sea of milquetoast. I will have to refer people to your blog. We have to work collectively to make the world a better place. Just for a bit of humor, check out:

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