Gay Marriage and Civil Unions

Here in Illinois the State House is on the cusp of a vote to create legal Civil Unions for Gays. Confidence is high that enough votes will pass to send it to the Senate which most involved are pretty sure will send it on up to Governor Quinn whom has already stated he is behind it 100%.

Yeah!!! Quinn !!!

(I actually agree with him on a major issue?…YIKES!)


Civil Union is like Marriage lite. Most but not quite all the same rights and privileges of actual legal Marriage. A massive step in the right direction to finally achieving  equal rights for Gays in America.

I applaud this move but it makes me think of something.

I have no clue and noone has ever to date been able to explain to me how Gay Marriage causes any actual harm or undo hardship to anyone. Many dislike it yes, but many people dislike alot of things that are totaly legal in this country, Rap Music comes to mind.

Some Religions have issue with Gays as well and many Churches and Church related organizations lobby like mad to keep this from becoming legal, which got me thinking.

The 1st Amendment states

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridg-
ing the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right
of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the
Government for a redress of grievances.”

Now, isn`t making Civil Union Legal but not Gay Marriage the same as saying that actual Gay Marriage is Illegal? Seeing as there is no logical reason beyond Religious issues to make it Illegal the 1st Amendment is being violated in Spirit if not by letter of the Law.

By allowing the Church`s wishes to be the deciding factor lawmakers are walking all over the Constitution when they refuse to legalize Gay Marriage across the board.

Now I`m all For Civil Union if it gets us closer to equal rights for Gays in this country, don`t get me wrong.

I`m just saying if it`s considered safe to give Gays nearly all the same rights as any hetero Married couple, what the hell is wrong with giving them all of the same rights as a heterosexual couple? Wheres the harm, other than the offense it causes to some Churches and some individuals prejudices? Why the distinction between Civil Union instead of  Marriage?

A handful of States do have legal Gay-Marriage and I don`t see them burning to the ground over it. Everything seems to be running about the same after they legalized as it did before. So where is the precedent for not granting this simple legal right that so many freely enjoy already.

Now, I have read and re-read the U.S Constitution and still can`t find the part that says only Heterosexuals are allowed to get legally Married. In fact I can`t recall anything at all about who can and cannot marry period.

If someone could point that out to me I would much appreciate it.

Until then maybe someone can give me a real answer as to what harm Gay Marriage causes. Provable harm I mean. Like what is caused by Murder, Rape, Theft, things like that.The types of things which we have actual logical reasons to have laws against because of the real and provable harm they cause individuals and society as a whole. Not Harm as in it hurts you`r sensibilties or you`re religion doesn`t believe in it.

I respect everyones right to feel as they do and each Religion to believe as they will. But, my rights are just as important as theirs and any Gay Man or Womans rights are no more or less important than mine or anyone elses. Just because their sexual orientation differs is not due cause to limit their rights compared to every other free citizen. My rights and everyone elses end where theirs` begin, or should anyway.

Congress its time to wake up here. Segregation is Illegal. Blacks are free and women can Vote. So get off the homophobe-train and catch up to the real world already. It is now the year 2010 we know for a fact the only differnce between gays and straights is sexual orientation. Homosexuality is proven not to be a mental disorder and is not the cause of A.I.D.S and has had no impact on the birth rate in this country, its a harmless and perfectly natural way to be.

I have been legaly Married in the State of Illinois and though I am heterosexual some of my past sexual practices would make your average conservative faint. I`ve had some wild times but that didn`t stop me from getting a Marriage license, they didn`t even ask, so who cares if you make love to the same sex, I just don`t get the problem here.

When the times come to Vote. I say we Vote against any and all Candidates, Local and Federal, who are against Gay Marriage. They are against equal rights which means they are against the U.S Constitution which protects those rights. Vote no to segragation and yes to equal rights for all citizens.





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One response to “Gay Marriage and Civil Unions”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    I still don’t like “Separate but Equal,” but every little step in the right direction is good.

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