George Ryan Early Release

The felonious ex-Gov. George Ryan may be released early


George Ryan committed literally dozens of federal crimes and gets a mere 6 years for it.  He has served approximately half that time and now they want to let him out. Not because of good behavior or because he`s working on something big and important that benefits the community at large and proven himself rehabilitated. Its because his wife will more then likely die before he gets out otherwise.


Call me heartless if you will but I say thats B.S.

I have people I love very much, friends and Family that I would hate to lose while sitting in a prison cell for my crimes. But the thing is, I don`t commit dozens of crimes that will land me in jail so long that they could be dead before I get out. Unless jay-walking and spitting on the public pavement count. So What makes this dirty politician so special? Nothing, not a damned thing.

Never mind for the moment that his sentence was only a slap on the wrist in relation to to his laundry list of criminal activity. Think about this. Even negating violent criminals, how many other prisoners have you heard of that are released half way thru their sentence just because they have a loved one dying? 30,40, a year, I got 0. I can`t think of a single time I heard of someone being released early simply for the fact their wife might, Might, die before their sentence is up. I`ve heard and read of people trying and being shot down but thats all.

They say Ryan has lost everything, money, career, friends and influence and soon even his wife. All these loses on top of losing his freedom. Well you know what? That happens when you commit numerous crimes and get caught and convicted for them.

Letting this guy out early because of his wife is not only saying that politicians should get privileged treatment but also sets a dangerous precedent for others. How can you let him out and still deny the thousands of other non-violent criminals in prison that will try for early release on similar grounds? The first time a prisoner gets denied and it hits the news we could be looking at a helluva backlash in the public.

The Justice system is full of corruption and favoritism already don`t make it so glaringly obvious.

As a side note. Mr. Ryan comes from the Village of Bourbonais in the County of Kankakee , Illinois.

Please keep him if for no other reason than the fact we have enough criminals on our streets here in Kankakee County we don`t need any more right now.





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