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George Ryan stays in Jail

George Ryan stays in Jail…for now.

What is with these people wanting to get George Ryan out early?

16 Counts Racketeering, Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud,as well as Assorted Misdemeanor charges Read More…

Repeal of Don`t ask Don`t Tell

A massive step in the right direction for America


Read More…

Tax Cut Deal

Can I kick some Democrat ass now please?

Obama worked out an agreement with the Republicans compromising with 2 years extended tax cuts for the rich in return for many well needed concessions. Read More…

SeXting a child is Constitutionaly Protected


According to Defense Attorney “Leonard Sacks” its a 1st Amendment right. Read More…

Tax Breaks for the Rich

Continued Tax Breaks for the Rich.

Why will the republicans not let go of this. Read More…

Illinois Civil Union


Civil Union for Gays in Illinois Will be recognized by Illinois law.

It`s nearly official, a 32-24 vote in the House and now a 61-52 vote in the Senate and Governor Quinn`s promise, repeated after the vote, to sign the bill into law. Read More…

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