Illinois Civil Union


Civil Union for Gays in Illinois Will be recognized by Illinois law.

It`s nearly official, a 32-24 vote in the House and now a 61-52 vote in the Senate and Governor Quinn`s promise, repeated after the vote, to sign the bill into law.

To quote Mr.Quinn paraphrasing the late Martin Luther King Jr. After the Vote was announced:

“It`s always the right time to do the Right thing”

Truer words have never been spoken by a politician.

Civil Union isn`t real Marriage but its close and if I may quote a respected commenter and fellow blogger:

“I still don’t like “Separate but Equal,” but every little step in the right direction is good.”

Illinois allowing Gay Civil Unions is a step, some would say a small and some a large step but either way a step in the right direction.

I hope and believe that as more and more states fall in line and allow Gay Marriage or at the least Gay Civil Union, we get closer and closer to federal law granting True Equal Rights to all Gays. Every Gay couple that becomes Legally Married or simply enters a Civil Union is one more number on the statistics Proving there is no reason NOT to allow Gays their full and long-overdue Equal Rights.

Opponents of Gay Marriage have dozens of ridiculous reason for how Gay-Marriage will decay and destroy our Nation. Every Gay Couple that becomes Legally bound to one another is one more couple proving them wrong. Every State that allows one or both helps to bring more States around by proof of example. When enough States fall in line the Federal Government will feel the full pressure to move forward on this civil rights issue and grant Gays their Constitutional right to live free and Marry whomever they damned well choose.

Unfortunately the Federal Government will most likely go for Civil Union across the board first. This is not entirely equal but will lead to further pressure for full and truly equal right of Marriage as couples prove that they deserve full rights and that their naysayers are speaking only from prejudice and Religious zealotry not from any kind of facts.

Quoting an outspoken opponent speaking on the vote:

“homosexuality is not analogous to race, and bans on same-sex union are not analogous to bans on interracial marriage”

David Smith
Executive Director
Illinois Family Institute.

David, just WHAT is your first language if I may ask? How is it NOT the same?

Prejudice against skin color not the same as prejudice against sexual orientation ? Both are born traits and neither is any reason to deny anyone their rights in this country. A younger generation is coming up in the ranks of voters and will eventually start replacing our polititions. A generation born in a time where discrimination is a dirty word and prejudice over how someone is born is considered pathetic and sad.

Mr. Smith and all those like you, what are you going to do when these more liberal minded youngins take charge and start running the show? It could very well happen in our lifetime and I can`t wait to see it. So what will you do when your prejudiced and discrminatory mindset is no longer allowed to be acted upon without risk of legal and political retribution?


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