Tax Breaks for the Rich

Continued Tax Breaks for the Rich.

Why will the republicans not let go of this.


Unemployment extension on hold right before Christmas, tax breaks for the Middle-Class on down on hold as well. Many other relief programs frozen in time.

All because the Republicans want to protect the top 2% of Americans from paying a fair share. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that nearly half of our Congressman are millionaires themselves and would be affected by this.

They keep trying to say the cuts for the rich are necessary to provide capital to create jobs. You know what, those cuts have been in since Bush started them and we Still don’t have any new jobs. Actually un-employment across the board has gone Up again,we`re close to a solid 10%.

In my mind the Needs of the many should outweigh the Wants of the few here.

So many ideas have been agreed upon but everything is balanced on kissing the rich mans ass again.

Even IF everything else was presented as separate bills the Republicans say they would still stall until they get a nice long continuation of the tax cuts for the have`s as well as the have nots. Thats political blackmail pure and simple.

Some say its blackmail that Obama has said he would veto any measure to extend the Rich Man Bailout more then a few years.

It`s not, its line-item veto, he`ll pass the rest just without that one little caveat. Thats the purpose of line-item veto. Cut out the crap and get things done.

Unfortunately the republicans will pull all backing from the budget if he does that, killing the bill dead.

Heres a thought, maybe if the rich Don`t get their unfair tax-cuts maybe they`ll be forced to expand their business to make the money back.

Simple supply and demand. They demand more money than God and new jobs and expansion of profitable companies would supply it.

We have got to Vote out these fools that try so hard to block progress, not because their for kissing up to the Rich but because they are stalling everything else in the process without good reason.

Pork Barrel, Earmarks, all that other crap.

Anyone that supports such things needs to go.




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One response to “Tax Breaks for the Rich”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Great post! Not curious that we both used the word “Blackmail.” I posted on my blog. What a sad day for Americans. As always, great blog.

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