SeXting a child is Constitutionaly Protected


According to Defense Attorney “Leonard Sacks” its a 1st Amendment right.

His client Kankakee Illinois High school teacher “Kenise List” is charged with two felonies.Grooming and Solicitation of a Minor.
If you’re unfamiliar “Grooming” is basically solicitation via electronic device. Texting, web-cam-chat, that sort of thing.

According to Sacks, List was well within her constitutional right of free speech when she repeatedly texted a 15 year old student using quite explicit language as to what sexual favors she was wanting to trade with him.

She must have thought the same because the texts continued even After the parents found out about it.

I just cannot believe any and I mean ANY attorney would utter such a thing much less try to build a defense around it. At least I know who Not to call for my defense if I ever have to kick a teachers ass for hitting on my kids.

Attempting to make a mockery of the 1st Amendment like this is just not cool.

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4 responses to “SeXting a child is Constitutionaly Protected”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    How bizarre. It is legal to “sext” a minor, but but two consenting same sex adults cannot get married?

  2. Michelle Chiles says :

    Lawyers will stoop to any level! Wonder if his statement will help him get more clients or less. More clients might not be a good thing since I am sure the type of clients he gets will not necessarily be the kind he wants. I am quite certain Karma will bite him in the ass at some point.

  3. Former Student of List says :

    This woman cannot get away with this because she has been having sexual relationships with students for years. As a student in her class back in 1990, I recall how she had dealings with male students even then. She also flirted with the boys in class constantly and gave them favor in class against the girls. She needs to go down. She’s a career predator.

    • Dixie Settles says :

      Former student of List is a liar, If I remember correctly, your step-son tried to kill himself about 3 times because of you. Your wife also had him out of wed lock at 16. Your good Christian family have such good morals. Shall I go on?

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