Tax Cut Deal

Can I kick some Democrat ass now please?

Obama worked out an agreement with the Republicans compromising with 2 years extended tax cuts for the rich in return for many well needed concessions.

I understand I really do understand the Congressional Democrats not wanting to sign a Bill that gives un-fair tax breaks to the RICH. But right now we don`t have time for splitting hairs.

In return for those 2 years we get

1. Payroll tax reduced by 4% this may help boost hiring

2.Much of the Obama stimulus package renewed, things like – Earned Income Tax-Credit renewd and American Opportunity Tax Credit increases.

3.Un-Employment extend 13 more months, helping Millions of un-employed workers.

4.A temporary cut in the Estate Tax

5.Businesses allowed to completely write off investments for all of 2011, that`ll build some capital gains.

All this and more for 2 years of tax Cuts to the Rich

Blackmail, Yes
Un-Fair, Yes
Political games , You betcha
Necessary , Unfortunately

2 more years of Tax Cuts for the Rich
2 more years until the next Presidential Election

Do NOT Vote another Bush or one of his Clones in they will only make those cuts permanent which Obama has fought like HELL to stop.
Vote Obama back in or someone ese that is for the common man first.

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One response to “Tax Cut Deal”

  1. Michelle says :

    Yes you can but only if I get to help!

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