George Ryan stays in Jail

George Ryan stays in Jail…for now.

What is with these people wanting to get George Ryan out early?

16 Counts Racketeering, Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud,as well as Assorted Misdemeanor charges

He`s a criminal, tried and convicted with enough evidence to have him hung 300 years ago.

He got 6 1/2 yrs and now people want to let him out after 3 yrs ?

They say show him mercy?
Where was the mercy when he sold drivers licenses to people who were incapable of operating their vehicles safely

His license for bribes scam caused an uncountable amount of traffic accidents,
One of which is known to have resulted in the deaths of two children.

Yes, his wife is dying and she wants him by her side as any wife who loves her husband would.
But we are not the ones punishing her, HE is, it was Him that committed these crimes of greed that took him away from her, not us.

There is also the fact that letting him out early because his wife is dying sets a precedent we just can`t have.

How many thousands of felons would be let out far too early if we released them every time a loved one was dying? Do we really want this happening?


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