Shots Fired

Following the Shots fired at the White House recently, the Police have taken a man by the name of Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez into custody.

Authorities are looking into the state of Ortega’s mental health. There appear to be indications that he believed attacking the White House was part of a personal mission from God.

Rumors that another figure who may have given him his orders are currently unconfirmed.

Upon apprehension it is believed that ‘advanced interrogation techniques’ (water boarding) may be applied.

An anonymous source has given this figures name as Jesus Christ. A man of middle eastern decent, though not known to be a Radical Muslim, his ethnic background is generally cause enough for certain Conservative Republicans to view him as one.

There is some concern he may be leading a movement to overthrow current GOP policy in America.

A widely distributed book called ‘The Holy Bible’ has eluded to this man being a political dissident, and an unapologetic socialist whom among other things is strongly in favor of universal health-care.



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