Depression Sucks

Everyone gets down, everyone gets a little depressed at times, it’s just life. No big deal right?


 It’s a pretty big deal when your suffering it. Especially when it’s more than just a case of the ‘blues’. For millions depression has a hard-wired cause.

 Personally I have what they like to call Clinical Depression. Generally it’s a cover all diagnosis, many people just gloss passed it because it gets thrown around a lot by lazy ‘shrinks’, that don’t feel like getting down to the specifics of the problem.

 I was diagnosed years ago after a ‘psychotic break’ and was re-diagnosed again recently after certain circumstances made me question my sanity. For the record I am ‘technically’ sane.

 This condition can be caused by certain stimuli, such as with situational depression. It’s not always as easy as people may think to avoid the ‘situations’ that cause it and sometimes it’s  impossible.

Depression can also be less discerning about how, when and why it hits.

 You could just wake up feeling like your life packed its bags and moved out while you were sleeping. Other times it just sneaks up from behind. One minute everything is fine, the next the world starts to grow dark and your heart sinks into an abyss where your soul previously resided.

 I go through both on a fairly regular basis. It’s gotten worse over the past few years but I didn’t want to accept it. Pride is a dangerous thing at times.

 Sometimes my ‘episodes’ are tolerable, other times not so much. I’ve lost relationships, jobs and friends because of it. I don’t use it as an excuse for a crappy life, it’s just a factor. I’ve made plenty of mistakes for no other reason than human stupidity.

 Like many, I have no recourse for my ‘issues’, I have no insurance and can’t afford medications or counseling. I live and deal as best I can through shear will and the support of an amazing friend that would follow me into hell itself, (she says she’ll bring the beer for the trip). Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that unerring support.

 I’m not bitching about my problems here. Actually I don’t even know why I’m mentioning it at all.

 I do know however that if anyone finds themselves ‘in the dumps’ on a regular basis they should look into it. Many forms of depression have a physical cause that may be treatable. Even situational depression can be combated with proper medication and or counseling.

 If you can’t get treatment it still helps to know the truth. Learning to recognize the signs and external causes can make a difference.

At all times whether it’s temporary or hard-wired remember one thing

Your not broken, your just having a rough day.


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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

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