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I have nothing to add other than to say this is an excellent way of looking at “personal perception”
Though I may be biased due to the fact that I can relate to it.


It’s as if my mind is an abstract film with only one camera angle at any one time. If the camera stays in the same place for a length of time, i start to feel a bit more self-assured, stable, aware of a me?

But at any given moment, the camera can zoom out and spin round, fly up or drop down, and adopt a completely different position. From that position the world, me, and my place in it will all seem (be?) completely different.

For a little while, this makes me feel afraid and anxious, because nothing makes sense, reality is fluid…which view is real, which me is me? Are they all real, all truths? Some, but not others? All illusions?How to tell the difference? I can’t trust my own perception.

Does my subconscious try to shield me from some things that i do not want…

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Do me a Favor

” Doing something because you Have to is an Obligation … Doing something because you Want to is a kindness ”

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Never too early to Discriminate

Discrimination thru Abortion is madness.

I saw this article over here and it shocked the hell out of me. There are some links over there to further information on whats going on too.

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You, Your Rights, and the Red, White and Blue

No I didn’t get much sleep before writing this

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Mitt (the Flippity Flop) Romney

Romney has more flip-flops than a summer-break beach party and he hops political band wagons faster than that slutty blond girl at the party hops beds. That guy switches sides quicker than that slutty girls bisexual sister.He…..

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Sometimes ya swing and miss, sometimes they catch ya coming across home plate

I met this girl once, sweet, charming, nice to talk to….

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Biblical support of Gang-Rape

Blasphemy !!!

Sorry, but it’s true, says so in the Bible.

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