Silly Libertarian

I had an interesting conversation with a psychotic Libertarian recently. I’m not sure this person was mentally ill but he certainly was disconnected from the reality the rest of us live in.

If your unclear, a Libertarian believes in Liberty not as a social convention but as a God Given Right, to use the individual I spoke withs phrase.

Many of these people, as well as any number of other people not affilaited or self-identified as part of that movement, seem to think that the General Concept of Liberty and Freedom should be applied as an Absolute Practice.

Please don’t take my meaning personaly when I say, you have to be Madder than the Hatter to think That would end well.

I believe profoundly in individual Freedom and Liberty for all persons, up to a point. If everyone were allowed to do What they want, When they want and How they want, without constraint or guidence other than their personal moral and ethical codes, the Middle East would look like Disneyland in comparison to the ensuing Chaos our world would be plunged into.

The United States is known to be a place of Great Freedoms and Liberties in many minds and hearts. Just look at the mess it is even With laws and courts and Law Enforcement agencies coming out of our perverbial ears.

What would happen if just one single State in the Union were allowed to throw out the entire legal system and asked it’s citizens to simply behave themselves and contribute to the good of the community without Any inducement other than a Pretty Please?

I’ll give you a hint, anyone passing thru would think they wandered into the biggest movie set ever while they were filming the prequal to “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”

Yes Governements around the world, large and small, do go too far.

Yes it would be Wonderful if the world could just magicaly be made to Work Right.

The problem is, everyone has Their own idea of what a properly functioning world would be and without Goverment of some kind to organize things, “Might Makes Right” would be the only Law by which we would live and die under.

No God is going to fix it for us.

Not saying there is or isn’t one, but even if there Is they obviously have no inclination to do it or they would have already.

No Goverment is going to make it happen.

There are far FAR too many different Governments filled with politions promoting their Own agendas to get any real world wide consensus among them.

No Prophet, no Messiah, no Jimi Hendrix/Jim Morrison/Superman Demi-God is going to make it happen either. Though that last one Would be pretty cool to see.

Honest, Compassionat, Open-Minded people working together and seeking mutually beneficial compromise is the Only way to build a good and caring Society where everyone stands a chance of a good life.

A Government comprised of these very people is Required to manage and maintain the logistics and ensure the protections necassary to make it work on a large scale.

We don’t need a “Nanny State” Government by any means, but we Do need a set of rules and guidelines that are created and enforcable in a fair and balanced manner for the good of all.

Not just for the percieved good of all as seen through the myopic view of power hungry polititons and fundamentalist religious zealots who may or may not be acting in their own self-interests.

To be clear, I am speaking to the more extreme views of Libertarianism in the beginning of this little rant.

Many of that political philosophy actualy are quite sane and moderate in their approach to acheiving a fair and balance Govermental system.

Just as Some Republicans do realize that Free-Will is more than just a catch phrase and many Democrates are restrained enough to allow for the fact that most people havn’t a Clue how to govern their own lives much less posess the capability to interact in a reasonable, sustainable mode of societal operation without wiping out their own existence through excess and over-indulgance.

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