War on Drugs ?

“It’s Not a War on Drugs it’s a War on Personal Freedoms”

My Son made that statement recently after being takin into custody on a possesion charge.

He was in possesion of paraphenilia. To be a little more clear, it was paraphenila for smoking marijuana.

Yes, “Pot” is illegal for the most part in the U.S, so I should be a the least, dissapointed in him.

Yet the only thing I can say he did that was Actualy wrong is being underage and smoking weed. Not that I didn’t smoke my share at his age. Well maybe my share and a 20 others shares worth, but anyway.

Marijuana is one of the Least dangerous substances you could possibly ingest. Smoke it, eat it, put it in a pill, make a slushy with it, whatever. Alchohol, which is of course legal, has contributed to the deaths of Millions. Thousands per year in car accidents alone. Then theres the health problems, the social problems (bar-fights, domestic-abuse, drunken disturbances both public and private) Work-place accidents, accidental suicides (passing out on railroad track as an example … which happens more then most think)

Marijuana is only illegal because the textile tycoons, oil barons and assorted other industrial magnates of the past used their polical influence (ie. Mad Cash to buy and/or rent polititons) to have it de-legalized because it’s indutrial use form “Hemp” held or was poised to take too a high a share of the markets they wanted to dominate. Clothing and paper being two of the most recognized uses of Hemp today. Ever looked at how many diferent man-made materials go into clothing? Ever seen the statistics of how many millions of acres of forest are decimated yearly to produce simple paper?

Hemp is an unbelievably inexpensive and easliy mass produced alternative that is also 100% bio-degradable and requires no dangerous chemical processes to acheive a finished cloth or paper product. There has also been research into plastics and organicly based fuels which makes the oil companies sweat their own crude when they think about the possible widespread legalization of hemp as an industrial product.

Of course you can’t just make something that has been used for decades without any real problem suddenly Illegal for no apparent reason so the Refer Madness campaign was invented. Widespread and, at the time at least, compelling propoganda extolling the Evils of Weed had so many people thinking that smoking jus one joint was enough to turn you into something akin to a heroin addicted hooker that the public practicaly begged to be Saved from the risk of contamination. The only safe thing to do of course was remove it in ALL it’s forms. This didn’t happen over night, it was a decades long strategy. Partly do to the risk of being too obvious and partly due to the fact that in the beginning stages most of the American public wasn’t so stupid as to fall for it. Many years of social programing and political interference finally won out though, obviously.

Law Enforcement agencies also Love the fact that it is illegal and saw the advantages early on. The average pot smoker is unlikely to give violent resistence to arrest. It’s easy to locate, the smell when it’s being smoked is quite easy to recognize and tends to linger. In quantity it’s much more difficult to hide or quickly dispose of than say, cocaine or meth-amphetamine. An ounce of pot thrown, unpackaged, on the ground can be picked up easily, if tediously. An ounce of cocaine or meth thrown unpackaged to the wind is history.

Cultivation of pot in any major quantity requires proper equipment that is traceable and large amounts of space to work in, not to mention if you don’t seal the grow house up right half the neighbourhood is going to know what your doin from the smell. Where as any idiot can build a meth lab in their kitchen and if they are careful to buy only small amounts of certain ingredients from a multitude of diverse locations they are usualy pretty well set. Unless they blow the damned thing up, which happens quite frequently actually and is rather comical to me, provided no innocents are harmed.

Easy busts, which rack up the points when budget time rolls around is the Number 1 reason the lawman bothers with it though. Police Agencies are no different than any other Goverment Agencies in one undeniable way. If they want money they have to impress the right people. A warehouse floor covered in stacks of cash, bales of pot and mountains of arrest reports is quite impressive. Not to mention the Cars, Homes and other properties that are seized.

Only one problem though. The REAL criminals are still walking around mugging old ladies, selling poison to children in schools and neghbourhoods throughout the community. Raping, robbing and killing innocent citizens with impunity while this dog and pony show is going on, often just a few blocks away.

Far too often the “War on Drugs” really is just a blind for the “War on Pesonal Freedom” and the objective is Not the defense of the inncocent public. It is a self-serving justification for protecting the profits of soical and environmentaly ambigous corporations and making points for government grants. Not to mention personal points for heavy arrest numbers and the “lil off the top” scenario putting free drugs, cash and other wonderful prizes in the hands of crooked cops.

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