Life begins at Conception

Like many things I carry on about here this subject came up at random recently and got me to thinking.

After doing some reading on the subject on-line, I came across this lil cutie. Her name is Suzie and she’s only 2 weeks old.

(pictured Suzie – 2 weeks)

Suzie is a darling little thing, she dreams of one day being a ballerina and … err… oops ….wrong pic

THIS is little Suzie

(pictured Suzie – 2 weeks)

(the right picture this time)

 Sorry about the mix-up.

Oh, in case your wondering who the First pic was. Thats Bart. He’s a cancer cell, also 2 weeks old.

No relation to Suzie.

Where was I goin again?  Oh yea ..

Life Begins at Conception is a wide spread concept used in the Battle Against Women’s Rights.

The problem I have with it is that though life Does begin at conception, technically speaking, it doesn’t come anywhere Near being Human Life until at least 8 weeks later though.

Even 4 week milestone it isn’t Human or even Sentient yet. The brain is only partially formed and the nervous system is still trying to sort itself out. Brain function doesn’t even Register until around the 6th week.

By week 8,  yes it Is starting to look less like an ameoba on steroids an more like a Human waiting to happen. Or an extra on set if they ever do a reboot of the X-Files movie.

(pictured Suzie -week 8)

(Ready for my close up Mr. DeMille)

Don’t get me wrong here, and if your actually still reading this theres a chance you won’t.

I have 3 children of my own, that I’m aware of anyway, and wouldn’t trade them for anything. However, I am in support of a Woman’s Right to tend to her own damned body.

Abortion is only Murder when there is an actual HUMAN life being ended, unless you subscribe to certain eastern philosophies which dictate ALL forms of life are sacred, in which case you should haul your picket sign down to the Orkin Mans house and scream in His face for murdering all those helpless cock-roaches last week.

Even when the brain has formed and brain wave activity can be detected, it is still uncertain whether it will mature into a Human Fetus or a really cute Sea-Monkey.  I’m pretty sure that the killing of  Sea-Monkeys is only considered a capital offense in the minds of five year olds and people who REALLY need to get laid more often.

If you are outraged and want to protest the taking of innocent life I understand completely.  So STOP wasteing your energy harrasing  innocent women that have made the toughest choice of their lives, and who will be living with that choice for the remainder of their days.

Instead go out and protest the REAL criminals. The Gang-Bangers who’s turf and drug wars take the lives of hundreds of inoccent people, young and old alike each year. The Politicians who start Wars for Oil and other ill gotten gains under the guise of “Bringing Democracy to the Oppressed”. The abusers that let their anger go too far and beat the wives and children to death.

There are More than enough Murderers and other Sub-Human forms of life posing as People to rage against without having to make excuses to terrorize women who have made a decision that only They can truly understand the consequences of. A decision that does Not in fact end a HUMAN life.

Late Term and Partial Birth Abortion are a whole different story, but I won’t go into that right now.

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3 responses to “Life begins at Conception”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Love this post! I’m so tired of people attacking women’s health and women’s rights to reproductive freedom.

    • William says :

      Thank you. I follow your blog when I can, net probs. So I take it as quite a compliment from someone so passionate and understanding about the rights of everyone and not just a select group of like minded people.

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