All Gods Fault

Ever get the blame for something you didn’t do?
Ever done something that was truly motivated by concern for the best interest for another and they get Pissed OFF at you?
Ever had to do something, Knowing you will be hated for it, but also knowing it Must be done anyway?

If you ever raised a teenager you probably know Exactly what I mean.

Now multiply ALL of that by about 10 million
The result, which is a Conservative estimate here, is what God deals with Every Single Day

Imagine what that must feel like. The anger, the hate, the disappointment all directed at You.
Millions of children, because we Are children in comparison to the ageless existence of the Divine, cursing your name, hateing you, or just losing their faith in you and walking away taking their love with them.

Don’t tell me God is above and beyond it all. Thats a cop-out to alleviate guilt.

Only a socio-path could face so much hatred, animosity and apathy from their own children and Not feel hurt by it.

If the Divine, God, Jehova, Allah, Lord and Lady, whatever your chosen mythos, is socipathic we may as well Nuke the planet and call it a day because we are Screwd on a cosmic scale no matter What we do.

Raise your hand if your Guilty of laying it on God.

Maybe it was deserved, maybe not, but do you have the strength of your conviction to say you were RIGHT or the courage to admit you were WRONG?

I was Wrong … many MANY times and probably will be again, I am after all just another talking monkey.

God has a job to do and just like us, you work with what you have and hope for the best.


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