Gay Marriage .. More Important than you think

I was discussing this with my Mother today. Or more the point she was giving me her opinions and they started me making mental notes.  She feels that Government is similar to parentage, with the grand exception that we have a some influence over who are parents will be. The following thoughts were stirred by that philosophy.

Gay Rights as well as many Other important rights still being fought for are Much more important than many think. Whether you are Personaly affected by Same -Sex Marriage or Abortion or Immigration or any other Political Hot Topic theres is a serious consideration to made.

When choosing who to back and vote for in any Political Election those things matter whether the issues themselves matter to you or not. If Gay Marriage, for example, is no big deal to you thats fine but you should consider how the Candidates feel about it because it Is a matter of Civil Rights in general. Today Gay Rights, tomorrow, What? What Rights do you hold dear? What would You fight to Have or fight to Keep?

Every Civil Right that is opposed opens the gate to Deteriorating and eventualy Abolishing others. If a Candidate is opposed to a Right on Religious grounds, that can be a bad sign. Will ALL of their decisions be based solely on their Religious views? Are Your Religious views exactly the same as the candidates? Is there a chance you and they may be at odds on some other issue later? What about the fact that the U.S Constution inherently FORBIDS legislation based on Religious grounds?

Maybe they just don’t like it. Ok, well, I’m sure there are Alot of things You don’t like but would you make laws against them just Beacuse of that? Would that be the American Way? What if the candidate doesn’t like something that you Do like? Still glad you threw your vote their way when they Ban some of your favorite pass-times?

Too many people don’t realize the danger in electing people simply because they agree with them on a few issues. You must Always stop and think about Why they are on the same page as you and is Their motivation trustworthy and logical in full consideration or is it arbitrary and based on Personal and/or Religous opinion alone. It’s fine to be for or against something for personal or religious reasons but if you are in a position to enact or defeat changes that affect entire communities, personal and religous reasons are of no value to the decision beyond the choice to be part of the process or abstain from it on moral or personal grounds.

By that last I mean, I do understand a devout catholic not being able to support abortion in any form due to their Religious Beliefs specificaly Stating they cannot. In that case they should abstain from voting or in any way influencing the vote on the subject and make it public record Why they abstained. Which leads me to another thought.

If a person is unable to seperate their Political and/or Public Duties from their Religious or Moral Duties, they are unfit for Public Office. I don’t mean that to insult anyones character, I have great respect for integrity. However, when a persons code of integrity does not allow for compromise between their personal beliefs and the needs and beliefs of the Society they serve, Democracy as we know it breaks down and the People suffer needlesly.

When you decide to become involved in Politics in ANY way, even if it’s no more than casting your vote, please, put your country first and your personal agenda second. You may be surprised how often the two compliment each other.

“Ask not what your Country can do for you …. Ask what You can do for your country” (JFK)

Ponder that sometime, beyond the patriotic, flag waving, rousing blurbs it gets tied into by so many politions trying to get your attention and your vote. Contemplate the deeper, closer to home meaning of those words and what the country would be like if more of us would set aside our prejudice and bias and think about someone elses needs and wants and dreams. We are all in this boat together whether we like it or not after all.

Show some love and compassion for you surrogate Brothers and Sisters in this great nation. When you have a chance to make a difference, make a difference that benefits them as well as you.

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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

11 responses to “Gay Marriage .. More Important than you think”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Brilliantly executed point regarding civil rights!

  2. Christopher C. Randolph says :

    I think that anyone who separates his or her religious views from his or her public or politcal duties is untrustworthy and unfit for public office. Furthermore I find the whole homosexual debate to be an anoyance at best. I mean, on the onehand you have homophobes who generally have enough of their own problems to worry about and so need to fix those way before they start judging anyone else. On the otherhand we see homosexual zealots who can’t just be gay and get on with their lives. There is absolutely no right that any homosexual does not have in America that everyone else has. What no one has the right to do is to force their agenda upon the rest of society. The society of the United States has overwhelmingly defined marriage as being between a one man and one woman. That is the defacto legal definition in 42 states. Incidentally, that does not prevent anyone of legal age from getting married. Every individual has that equal right. What it does is say “this is what marriage is.” Whether I or you like what society has decided, is another issue. If, at sometime in the future, voters decide differently, then I will accept that decision. That is its right.

    • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

      In part of your comment, you say: “There is absolutely no right that any homosexual does not have in America that everyone else has. What no one has the right to do is to force their agenda upon the rest of society.” Wow! You are sadly misinformed and have revealed your great amount of power and privilege. There are over 1300 rights that LGBT Americans do not get that our heterosexual brothers and sisters do get.

  3. William says :

    I won’t bother reiterating the point already made about the many Many Rights that are withehld the LGBT community. I could’t come close to the pssion and knowledge of Michael on that subject.

    I will make two other points however to clarify my view.

    There was a time in the not so distant past that neither women nor “people of color” as some say, had the right to vote in ANY State of the Union. Yet now they do. Obviously the Legal Definition of an Eligible Voter has changed. Or was that a mistake?

    The next point is. What if a Muslim became a member of Congress and promoted Islam through acts of Legislation? Or perhaps a Hassidic Jew pushing hard to have all Jewish Holidays recognized as Federal Holidays and Kosher law be the primary focus of the USDA? How about a devout Satanist, that could REALY be interesting don’t you think?

    One last question. Why can’t bigots, homophobes and other assorted ant-civil right zealots just let the Gays get married and go on with their lives?

    • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

      Thank you for trying to inject reason and intelligence here. Forgive me for not trying to engage with Christopher, but I get very tired of arrogant blind privilege such as his.

      • William says :

        Quite alright. His type iritates me in the first place. I’m sure you have much more experiences with the type then I do and I can easily imagine how tiring it can be over time. Not to mention migraine inducing.
        Also I havn’t reached my annoy and aggravate the close-minded bigot crowd quota for the month yet

      • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

        I’m sometimes ashamed that I lose patience with people that seem to be willfully ignorant regarding civil rights. I thank you for being a strong ally that seems to really understand how civil rights for all only benefits all!

      • William says :

        Everyone loses patience at times. I recall a story, in an old book that’s quite popular, of someone with many Many children who pushed the limit a little too far. There Father had enough and drowned nearly all of them when his patience wore out and anger took it’s place.

        I think his name was God or something like that. Pretty well known book, “Holy Bible” I believe was the title.

        Everyone has a limit. Especially mere mortals just trying to live and love while fighting everyday to have their fair share of what so many take simply for granted.

      • Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

        Thank you for making me laugh on a rather depressing day.

      • William says :

        I’m glad I could and your most welcome

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