Stand Alone

For the record, I am Pagan only in the sense that I adhere to no formal Religion.  Judea/Christian,Islam, Eastern Philosphies, Wicca, Druidism, etc…

None of them have ever given me answers without bringing a whole new set of questions . I see things as I see them and choose to speak to and try to understandGod in my own way. Some answers do bring greater questions this way as well of course, but this way, I know the missing answers are because I haven’t discovered the complete answers yet or God has chosen to keep them from me for now.

That old line  “God works in Mysterious ways” gets old fast and nearly every religion seems to have some variation of that theme. If I don’t see the answer or God witholds it, fine, giving me a foolish response to hide your own ignorance is just too much frustration for too little gain.

It’s an imperfect Path, and I do stumble and fall, but it’s my way and it’s the only way that has ever really worked for me.

The following is something that gets me through in life.  I had forgotten it and probably will again knowing me, but I hope not.

The World is my Church … The Sky is my Cathedral

The Earth is my Alter … the Steady Stone the Rested Log my Pews

The Falling Rain is my Holy Water … the Lakes and Streams My Baptismal Fonts

The Winds sing Psalms to me as the Light of The Flame Illuminates my Path

The Divine is within me, forevor and always

Thru Darkest Day and Longest Night

I will Never truly …

Stand Alone

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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

13 responses to “Stand Alone”

  1. Page 28 says :

    I like that poem-ish thing you put up. Sometimes in the mire of attempting to figure out the technical side of what’s going on with god, I forget the practical side, which are those words.

    Also, they reminded me of a short video. It’s more about the beauty of science/nature and not necessarily about god, but given the type of mantra you penned, I think you might like it:

    • William says :

      Thank you for the sentiment, it has a deeper effect for me to know that someone Really understands it than I can say.

      I got lost and may again but I do try to remember that “God” by whatever name or concept a person chooses, is both as vast and complicated as the driving mechanisms of the Universe itself and at the same time as simple and innocent as the light in a babies eyes when they look into the face of someone that loves them.

      I really like the video too. I have a saying of sorts :

      “Science is the How … Religion is the Why .. when both come together Mankind takes one step closer to the Divine”

      By Religion, I mean the quest to understand and commune with the Divine, not any particular belief system.

  2. Page 28 says :

    Yeah, the question of god is the most maddening, beautiful, intimidating, and peaceful thing possible. It’s kind of funny how people like us (if I may take the leisure to say that) feel so lost about it frequently and yet it’s all around us. And even if our answer was that there was no god, then IT (whatever IT is) is STILL all around us, just as that video kind of attests.

    Whimsical/frustrated/heavy/relieved sigh.

    • William says :

      We definately have that in common. Sometimes I think of it in terms of when I can’t find my glasses … and I’m Wearing them … lol.
      Trivial in comparison of course but same general concept.

      I Should “know” their there, I should feel them and see them, at the least in the corner of my vision, but something in my mind is saying I don’t know where they are so my mind “hides” them from my perception.

      I thinks it’s similar for many who don’t “See” a higher “something” It’s so close and so THERE but they Think it’s somewhere or something else and the mind clouds the perception as a result.Which is also part of why I think so many can’t reconcile the “IT” as something with an actual purpose and a will of it’s own.

      The greatest difficulty for many to believe in “God” or “Divine Power” or “A higher Authority” or whatever is the thousands of years of Religious Dogma and Rhetoric painting a more Defined Portrait of “God”

      The “Bible” the “Koran” the “Torah” on and on describe a “Being” which we can recognize in general human terms. What is “Out There” is so far beyond our comprehension that it helps to focus on the smaller more direct aspects of course but to lose sight of the Whole Picture brings many issues.

      The biggest danger I see is that so many Paint a Picture of “God” like that and then say This, THIS is who and what God is and that’s all there is to it, bow down and recognize or be left to your fate.

      Many just don’t “see” the Divine that way when they look for it so they don’t Understand what their looking at. When they question the supposed authorities on the subject they have their Faith challenged and are told to stop asking such foolish questions and accept “The Truth”

      It doesn’t help either that so many supposed “experts” have somewhat different images of “God” that one may start to wonder if “God” is a quick change artist.

      I do like some eastern philosophies but even they fall short for me if taken in their entirety.

      Long reply .. lol

  3. Page 28 says :

    So I think you might should read up on Kabbalah. Granted I don’t like it in it’s entirety, but I swear there are some beautiful concepts within. One of those is the idea of Ein Sof, which I think you’ve maybe unintentionally already discussed (unless you are already more familiar perhaps more so than I). To the Kabbalist though, to speak of god as “any’thing'” is an absurdity as he is so much greater, so there is Ein Sof, or “that without limit.” God can still be described as Yaweh, but as I understand, that is simply the defined emanation of Ein Sof as we see.

    Not sure how much I buy into it, but I swear there are some awesome concepts behind it.

  4. William says :

    Know Of Kabbalah but really not familiar with it per se. Does sound interesting and a little, Outside the Box, in a very good way. I’ll have to look into it some one of these days soon.

    I see “God” as existing not just in Size spanning the Universe but also other Levels of existence. Some levels, the one we live our daily lives and those closest to this level are seen heard and felt up by our conscious and un-conscious minds.

    Some other Levels only our spiritual selves can actually see and experience and that information is translated to Feelings or imagery such as in dreams that we know mean something other than just the events occurring and even as just “knowing” something without knowing How we know it. If we saw it all in the usual conscious sense of understanding things, our poor minds would Implode.

    In a way, we are a microcosm of God’s Macrocosm. God is on multiple levels, including the physical, mental and spiritual as we recognize them, while We exist the same but on a more limited degree.

    Mind, Body and Soul living in the same space but in different forms of existence. And maybe even a few Other levels so strange in comparison to what our Minds are capable of perceiving that we don’t even know we exist on them.

  5. William says :

    That’s interesting, I never even went to High School

  6. treegestalt says :

    I’d say there’s a certain amount of Quaker stuff you might find of interest. Some of it gets written by committees, & is deadly… but we’ve always had a few live ones among us.

    And theres also a book by Gabor Mate called _Scattered_ I’d recommend. And another by a Jewish Buddhist: _One God Clapping_ by Alan Lew.

    I don’t know whether or not I’d want you on the Quaker Bible study blog I recently moved from blogger to wordpress, but hey, all the reasonable people left when I joined it.

    What my wife & I noticed about a Jewish Renewal synagogue we went to a few years back — Any honest & thoughtful interpretation was welcome.

    The blog is still pretty disorganized, but if you want to take a look it’s

    Forrest Curo

  7. William says :

    Cool, .. Jewish Buddhist? that sound interesting and Gabor Mate I was just talking about some quotes elsewhere about him. Never read him, just some bits and pieces. Coming up twice out of the blue in two days, I think I should definitely look into the book you listed.

  8. suzzymilkmaid says :

    Hi william, It seems to me that you are on the path to finding God. Knowing your intellect won’t get you where you need to go is a big step in the right direction, as far as I can tell. Little things like how you answered my response to someone elses’ post lead me to believe you are able to pick up on my vib which isn’t usually picked up on by intellects or egos. Soo I’m glad you read my seed of God post and liked it, I knew you would, lol

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