God’s hands are tied

I’ve been talking about “God” alot lately … lol … I use the word in the generic, whatever a persons view of the Divine can simply be substituted in their mind with whatever name they choose or concept of energy or will or whatever. A large part of this is from a reawakening of my contemplations on “God”, another part is that I may soon be homeless and want to “get out” some of my views and thoughts on the subject while I can before, well … I may not be able to communicate my thoughts and views on Anything here, or anywhere else for that matter if worse comes to worse.

“God” doesn’t just Make things happen. Well, maybe little things like dust-devils or something for amusement. Larger more important things, such as life changing occurances are another matter.

Let’s say you mop floors for a living at a local grade school and you desperatly want a better job or due to some circumsatnce Need a better paying job. No matter how devout you are “God” cannot just wink and poof, your an exec at a fortune 500 company because you prayed for a better life.

Why does the position exist? How did your name come to mind when whoever does the hiring for execs went to make a choice? Do you even have a clue how to do the job?

“God” can influence the chances but not Make everything fall right into place at a whim. There are too many choices to be made and to at least some degree those choices have to makes some kind of sense.

Such as the executive position coming your way. Someone had to vacate the position or the position had to be created. Then you’re name has to come up and as a janitor at a little school somewhere the other execs probably never heard of,  it’s not likely to be your name that comes up. Not impossible just not likely in the normal course of things in the high powered busines world.

I could devise many different scenarios of how it Could happen but every single one of them involves different people making choices. Some of those choices requiring more than just one persons decision, such as a board of executives voting to create a new position and work out the duties, responsbilities and financing of the position. Then debating over who is the best candididate, how to find a candidiate and many other details.

“God” can influences all those choices of course. A whisper here, a dream there, a chance meeting that occured because someone sugested a little coffee shop on the corner and you just Happen to bump into the right person there. From a few to a few Thousand choices, decisions and chance occurances would have to occur in just the right combination at just the right times to make it fall into place.

Possible? Yes. Likely? No. Could “God” even plot that course? No problem. “God”s mind makes the biggest super-computer look like a speak and spell. The problem is, even though “God” Can work out all the right angles, those pesky little choices people would have to make are a bit of a glitch.

Free – Will. It’s a Bitch.

“God” can make suggestions, influence thoughts, even put a nail in the road, causing a flat, putting the right person in that coffee shop at the right time to bump into you. “God” can NOT make anyone do Anything without some kind of consent on their part though. “God” cannot simply say “Hire this Person NOW” and everyone involved jumps up and starts dusting the Big Chair for you. Unless of course they all happen to be believers, in touch with their higher spiritual side well enough to hear the command and know what their supposed to do and be willing to do it.

“God” can do many wonderous things. What “God” Can’t do is break certain rules. We have Free-Will and “God” can Not just override that whenever or for whatever reason “God” wants to at a given moment. To do that would violate the whole purpose of having Free-Will in the first place.

I refuse to believe that “God” considers Free-Will a quaint novelty to be simply pushed aside if and when it becomes an inconvenience. If that were true we would all be nothing more than living breathing action figures to be toyed about with and occasionaly forgotten until “God” was bored again. Not to say I havn’t felt that way before, but that’s another matter entirely that I won’t go into with this post.

I will say however that my life is a wreck. I mean total six car pile up and the flames are about to hit the gas tank. Funny thing that I am coming back to my beliefs more than any other time in the past few years, now of all times. It’s not because I want help, though I do … lol … but because I finally see how my life got where it is.

“God” isn’t punishing me and never really has. I just refused to listen and in my arrogance I made many MANY mistakes that put me here. Many things going wrong and that have Already gone wrong are the result of  Other peoples choices and decisions combined with my own choice not to “read the handwriting on the wall” as they say. My Faith is fragile and may crack again but desperation is not what brought it back. It was me striving to understand how I got here in the first place.

Who to blame, what to blame, why the Hell do these things keep happening to me? The answer I always knew, but chose to bury it for reasons I may or may not eventualy explain on my Blog, but it was all a simple of Choices, mine and many others all clashing at times and meshing at others created the situation. I had clues, hints and sometimes slaps to the head to show me the way to go and I either ignored or did the contrary out of spite. Some things would go wrong no matter what and maybe have a deeper reason or maybe just bad luck, but over-all, I will never know for sure about that.

“God” won’t fix my life and “God” won’t destroy it. My efforts and my willingness to look for signs and heed them is the only chance, if it isnt too late. I have to accept that Choices in and out of my control are what make the world go round. Maybe I’ll land on my feet and maybe not. It’s up to Chance as much as it is up to “God” or my need to get things right.

So please take this one lesson from my rambling rant if no other sinks in. DON’T blame “God” and don’t expect “God” to do it all for you. Make the best choices you can and strive to give “God” a hand now and again.

Relationships arn’t easy, especialy when one half of the relationship expects the Other half to do Everything and blames them when nothing ever works out right.

One other thing to bear in mind this profound age old truth that we have all heard in some manner. “Sometimes Shit Happens”

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About William

Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

4 responses to “God’s hands are tied”

  1. Page 28 says :

    I think thought that God could nigh alter the circumstances to such an extent that free-will almost becomes a moot matter. I’d perhaps give an example, but it’s time for bed for me.

    But more so I wanted to wish you well on whatever is going on. Taking that responsibility for it is certainly always the hardest but necessary part of our lives. And if, perhaps, god is simply inside of us (or is us), then that acknowledge is quite like tapping into a higher power. And if not, then there’s certainly enough energy all about us to take in that to. Well wishes.

  2. William says :

    Thank you for the well wishes, they are sincerely appreciated.

    Yes “God” could most definitely alter things within pretty much any situation to cause a certain result without infringing on our free-will. It could even be done in such a way that noone would even suspect the intervention.

    With rare exception for special cases, I think things are generally just left to play out with maybe a little nudging here and there. I think that over-all things are left untouched if for no other reason than it would be a rather boring if not annoying universe for “God” if everything had to be micro-managed.

    When we accept that there is something more than we can see and that it is inherently helpful, if we are willing to take a little advice and put some trust in it then sometimes we get a helping hand.

    I have no way to know for sure really, but I believe “God” does want us to learn to be closer to IT/Him/Her. To do that, we also have to learn more about ourselves. I feel we are part of “God” not just a creation. We are an extension of it and to understand “God” we have to understand our “self”, as well. Otherwise we only see half the picture.

    If “God” does too much for us we never “Grow Up”. We just live our lives as coddled children never really finding true understanding of what we are, what God is, or how it all intertwines. Too little and we may feel neglected and refuse to grow up or even blame “God” for our lives not going as we want them to.

    When and why decisions are made to do this or that for someone is well beyond me. I can only analyse, observe and in the end just make a best guess. Occasionally I get a real feeling I’m right and other times, all I can do is shrug and say “Hell if I know”.

    I Hope “God” chooses to give me shelter and show me the right direction to make my life a little better, but all I can do is whatever I can do. Maybe “God will help, maybe not. I do like an old line about that though.

    “God ain’t gonna do a Damned thing you ain’t ready to do for Yourself”

    My Mom doesn’t mince words very often .. lol

    • Page 28 says :

      Heh, I like that last bit. I might disagree on this matter though as I tend to think he either intervenes quite a bit or nearly none at all. If a little here and there, the morality of it just gets so ambiguous. But that’s something I’m not super opinionated on either.

      • William says :

        Here and there I see as a tweaking of events. If something is supposed to be going a certain way and the plan starts going off the rails, most likely thru human arrogance, a slight adjustment may have to be made.

        Of course “slight” is quite relative, for “God” that could entail wiping out an entire Society or simply whispering in someones ear. Someone like Martin Luther King for instance.

        One Man or Woman standing up and saying the right thing at the right time can inspire great and wide-spread events to occur. Not that Mr. King was alone as a beacon of Civil Rights for “people of color” as they say, but he was a massive influence in the movement.

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