The Gay Agenda

The Gay Agenda

Yes, there is one and it’s so  insidious it could destroy the fabric of society


step 1. Create an awareness and understanding that homosexuality and bisexuality are sexual orientations not choices and that “experimentation” does Not necassarily make one gay or bi. Also that “Transgenderism” isn’t some New Age fly by night religion it’s a means of becoming who one feels they were meant to be by having their physical gender changed to match their emotional and mental gender.

step 2. Support fellow Homosexual’s as well as Bisexuals and Transgenders in a world that fears, misunderstands and too often hates them for no rational reason.

step 3. Petition, protest and seek both community and political support in gaining equal rights for the LGBT community.

step 4. Once acceptance and tolerance are the general norm and Equal Right’s have been bestowed, Live, Love and simply Be oneself just like everyone else.

Frightening isn’t it?

It keeps me awake at night considering the possibilties if they succeed. Millions of these people one day living a better life and casting off the chains of oppression, bigotry, and hatred. Getting out of their beds and going to work each day, finding love and friendship, raising families in peace.

The Audacity of these people to think they have any right to live a normal life simply because they never actually did anything wrong. What is this world coming to anyway. Next thing you know they’ll be freeing the slaves or something…er..huh?
…they did that already? Well crap, they better keep them on the back of the bus and out of my favorite lunch counter…whats that?…your Kidding !!! Well at least those pesky broads can’t vo …..No..NO WAY ..

The world’s gone mad .. MAD I TELL YOU !!!


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3 responses to “The Gay Agenda”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    Very lovely post–thank you! Although, I shall reveal the true Gay Agenda at the risk of losing my rainbow card:

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