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What is Marriage?

What is this  Marriage thing?

I don’t mean the “Legal Defintion” , I mean the definition Behind the definition. How is it REALLY defined from a legal perspective? Whats it for? What set’s the standard for all those “Legal Definitions” that make no sense? I always thought it was two people who decide to make their relationship “Official” A token gesture to the world that they choose to be together in a deeper commitment than just sharing a bed and a roof. Or for tax purposes, getting some press if your a narcissistic celebrity, or maybe to piss your parents off.

“Green Cards” too, almost forgot those.

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Federal Ban on Vasectomies

Yes, we need a Constitutional Ban on vasectomies as well as handjobs, blowjobs and male masturbation. We MUST protect the children !!!

No I’m not insane. Not entriely anyway. Read on if you want to see where I’m going with this.

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IS, Jesus a Republican?

I bought a new Bible today, my old one seems to have abandoned ship, and I read something that I never saw before that makes me believe, some of the Right Wing, lunatic fringe is right.

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Jesus … Overworked and Underpaid

“Jesus SAVE ME … Jesus, tell me what to do, Jesus Love Me, Jesus take out the trash, Jesus don’t forget to get milk”

JESUS CHRIST people, give Jesus a break for Christs sake.

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I could go on about a few of these  from several angles. I’ll just stick with one simple statement though.

!!! WOW !!!

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