Federal Ban on Vasectomies

Yes, we need a Constitutional Ban on vasectomies as well as handjobs, blowjobs and male masturbation. We MUST protect the children !!!

No I’m not insane. Not entriely anyway. Read on if you want to see where I’m going with this.

Life begins at conception right? (bear with me here) So, if causing the death of clumps of living cells that may or may Not become human beings in the future is Murdering Babies,we better start protecting those poor sperm that could possibly end up fertilizing an egg that may or may not eventualy become an embryo and from there a zygote and then on up to Human Fetus stage, or cute little sea monkey stage it’s a toss up.

Think about it. Vasectomies cut off a “Living” sperm cells ability to ever have any chance at making it to a “Living” egg, leaving them to die a lonely and desperate death with their final thought being “I coulda been a contender”. Handjobs and masturbation send them crashing to dry land, or moist land sometimes, where they die a quick but rather unpleasent, and sticky, death. Blow job’s, well depending on who’s doing it and how they feel about oysters it could be the same death or another that is even more cruel. Not going into detail but basicly for about the first 10 seconds they Think their on the right road but at the end of That path..well…not pretty.

These poor little buggers never did anything to hurt anybody, not counting the occasional “ouch..my eye” incident, but thats on the guy and his crappy aim not Mr. Wriggly. All they want is to do what they were born to do. Cutting them off or otherwise murdering them keeps the from fullfilling their only purpose, their only dream, to have a shot at one day fertilizing an egg. An egg that now will never become an embryo and that poor embryo that never was will never climb the biological ladder to zygote stage and from there to a Human Fetus .. or a cute little sea monkey, I’m still waiting for one of those.

So yes, if killing cells which only have a remote chance of Maybe becoming a Baby is Murder, we better get serious and fight this War for the Babies on ALL fronts.

Homosexuals may be exempted. At least until the G.O.P figures out some way to brain-wash enough people to put a Ban on Being Gay.

If anyone even THINKS this is a good idea, please, PLEASE, for the Love of GOD, seek proffesional help immediately. You scare Me.


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