IS, Jesus a Republican?

I bought a new Bible today, my old one seems to have abandoned ship, and I read something that I never saw before that makes me believe, some of the Right Wing, lunatic fringe is right.



“Made in China”


That profound statement jumped out at me like a bolt from the sky. It hit me in a blinding Revalation. Jesus IS a Republican, why else would a “Christian Nation” outsource the printing of the greatest and most sacred text ever written? The answer is clear, Jesus is a Republican and labor rights, economic stability, American un-employment and starving children in the streets  be damned. Foreign Labor is a Gift from GOD.

How DARE the Satanic Liberals and Demonic Democrats attempt to thwart “God’s Will” by keeping Americans on the job and creating fair-minded Trade Agreements that actually benefit the Nation as a whole and not just the Corporate Apostles, and Political Saints of God’s True America !!!

If you just said AMEN and meant it … your on the wrong Blog buddy, here’s a nice Pic of your Imaginary Jesus as a consolation prize. Now go away!

(pictured: Right Wing Radical Porn)

If your still reading this your probably, at least somewhat, sane and have more than two functioning grey cells in your head. So please allow me to explain something before anyone starts thinking I’m a hypocrite or anti-foreign-trade.

I don’t have an issue with the importing of goods and/or services as a general Rule. I take issue with putting millions out of work just to pad the profit margin of multi-million dollar Corporations and leaving hard-working citizens out in the cold to save a buck or two by exploiting sweatshop labor.

Yes, I knowingly buy foreign made products but that does not necassarily constitute a Hypocrite. Often it’s not an option as I am financialy deficient and cheap imports are all I can afford when I need something. Also I don’t have a problem with occasionaly purchasing a Quality product made elsewhere, I don’t suffer from American Elitism like far too many Jackass’s I’m sorry to share citzenship with.

And on a side note:

America is NOT a “Christian Nation” no matter how many times people say it or how hard they try to make it one and I thank “God” for that with all my heart.

Also, the Holy Bible is Not the greatest most sacred text ever written. Opinions may vary, but thats all they are, O.P.I.N.I.O.N.S.


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