Jesus … Overworked and Underpaid

“Jesus SAVE ME … Jesus, tell me what to do, Jesus Love Me, Jesus take out the trash, Jesus don’t forget to get milk”

JESUS CHRIST people, give Jesus a break for Christs sake.


“I am the truth and the light, the way to my Father is thru me” Jesus (a.k.a MC Messiah) said that… probably

I can understand how poeple who thought talking to bushes, especialy ones on fire was normal, may have had a little difficulty with metaphors and such but it’s been a couple years now, somewhere in the area of 2,000 or so actually. So why do so many still think that means Jesus is “God”s personal secretary and you can’t get an appointment without shmoozin up to him first?

“Truth” and “Light” … there’s two words found in thousands of Religions and Philosophies of spiritual attainment. Some from Well before Jesus quit his day job at the furniture shop and even before he was Born. The concepts are fairly solid, “Truth” of course is facing what is, not what you Want or Think or someone tries to convince you of, just what really is. The “Light” is basicly enlightenment achieved by opening your eyes, metaphoricaly and metaphysicaly, to See the aformentioned “Truth”

To think that only Jesus can pry open your eyes and shine a 10,000 watt halogen lamp of enlightment on you is a sign of serious doubt in your mental capabilities, not to mention your Faith. Many people read the Bible to find this “Truth and Light” yet somehow miss the fact that their Already finding pieces of it Way before they even get to the parts about Jesus. To believe the stories in that book is to believe that MANY saw the “Truth and The Light” long before Christ came. Or did Noah just make a lucky guess about that whole flood the world to destroy the wicked thing?

Also I would like to say, GIVE HIM A BREAK ALREADY. Jesus took a beating that would probably kill You or me, then got nailed to a cross and eventualy Stabbed. Why? Because thats who he was, he believed it would make a difference. He gave more than damned near any so-called “Christian” could even think about thru his self-sacrifce. So why .. WHY … does everyone keep blowin up his celestial pager? It’s bad enough people walk around blinded by their own willfull ignorance without expecting Jesus to hold their hand every step of the way so they don’t step in their own Shit.

I can see why some people need a more “Human” buffer between them and “God”. It makes it easier to undertsand by having something to relate to in more mundane terms. However, people should Stop expecting things of Jesus. If he chooses to come to you and have a chat, that’s His choice. Constantly foisting your needs and wants on him though is a bit much. Try doing for Yourself once in awhile. Talk to “God” and try to listen for answers. Jesus just may Love you but that doesn’t make him your Nanny. Take Christ as an example of how to get to Know “God” better and not as your spiritual messenger boy.

The real definition of a Christian is one who lives by the word of Christ. Not by the Bible, not by what the “Preacher Man” says, but by what Christ said and the example he set. That moment on the Mound when he wasn’t sure what to do, he asked “God” right? He didn’t look in a mirror and say “Hey Jesus, what should I do about this whole gettin caught and crucified thing coming up?” did he? So ask “God” and listen to your heart for the answers, it ain’t easy and it don’t always do any good. But sometimes, when you really need it most, a whisper comes in the dark and lights up your world, even if it’s just for a moment.

Yes, yes I know the spiel about Jesus Loves us and will always be there for us and all that, but serously, please ..Please, stop taking advantage of his Loveing and Giving nature.

I should explain one or two things here I think. I do believe there was a guy named Jesus walking round trying to make a better world. I don’t know about all the little miracles he supposedly performed but that doesn’t change the fact that I see him as a profound philospher, deeply insightful and honestly kind and compassionate person who left behind a legacy for Mankind that has inspired lierally billions over the centuries to be better people. Unfortunatly millions of others have twisted and perverted his lessons to support their hatred, bigotry,arrogence, self-righteousnes and intolerance leading to all manner of atrocities and degradations but that is on Them not Him.

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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

4 responses to “Jesus … Overworked and Underpaid”

  1. fringewalk says :

    Truth is a Rorschach ink blot – Alan Watts

    What about ‘seek and ye shall find?’ ‘knock at it shall be given’? Appaz, the Big JC wants to be asked!

    ( I totally relate to your last italic paragraph, he was a great healer, philosopher, teacher… jury’s out on the rest though!

    • William says :

      I like that quote, may use that sometime.

      The asking for guidance doesn’t bother me, but too many people have too much expectation. They seem to think Jesus will DO it for them, whatever the It is they want at the time, enlightenment, peace, healing, a new car, whatever.

      If more people looked about and thought about what Christ was saying about life and love and death and everything else, they just might find they don’t Need him to do anything for them.

      Also if they took his teachings and strive to find their own connection to God thru finding the “Truth and The Light” by way of their own hearts first, they may not need Jesus for that either. Not directly anyway, but thru his example.

      Not saying some won’t in the end need to ask Jesus “what am I doing wrong here? I just can’t get it”. But a large majority I think, or at least Hope have capacity to think about and contemplate what he was saying and find their way through by his example and his words.

      I’m sure if He is floating round in the afterlife watching the world he is More than happy to step in and have a chat with people. Not necessarily over coffee at Starbucks but in a deeper more spiritual communion. But I also believe we shouldn’t use him like a 24/7 customer support line.

      If he didn’t want Mankind in general to learn how to find their path without his Direct intervention, then why did he wander about talking to people so often about how to do it? Would have been alot easier, and less painful, to simply travel about in etherial form taking care of business.

  2. fringewalk says :

    Reminds me of a lil story, kinda the Anti-Footprints…

    There once was a very religious guy who lived his life in accordance with The Good Book.

    One day, a terrible flood was predicted i his town. He ignored the news papers and radio reports, and did not evacuate with the rest of the population. He believed The Big Guy would take care of him.

    The flood came and he was trapped inside his house. He remained faithful to his belief that God would keep him safe.

    The flood waters rose, and he went out to his roof and prayed.

    A boat came by, looking for people in need of help. The boat crew called to him “Jump down into the boat, it’s OK, we will catch you and take you to higher ground”, but the man refused, telling them that he knew God would save him, afterall, he had lived by His teachings all of his life. The boat reluctantly left him to continue searching for survivors.

    The waters rushed higher and higher.

    Later, a helicopter came and dropped a rope ladder. Again, the man refused help, again, he left his safety in God’s hands.

    Of course, he drowned.

    When he got to heaven, he wasangry with God; “I devoted my life to you! Why were you not there when i needed you?”

    God was hurt, “I sent you warnings, a boat and a helicopter! What more did you expect?”


    • William says :

      Love the story, I’ll have that mark that down to tell my Mother she’ll like that.

      That sort of things happens Soooo often. Signs and help sent our a way a thousand different ways but because their not Exactly what we expect we don’t see it or won’t accept it.

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