What is Marriage?

What is this  Marriage thing?

I don’t mean the “Legal Defintion” , I mean the definition Behind the definition. How is it REALLY defined from a legal perspective? Whats it for? What set’s the standard for all those “Legal Definitions” that make no sense? I always thought it was two people who decide to make their relationship “Official” A token gesture to the world that they choose to be together in a deeper commitment than just sharing a bed and a roof. Or for tax purposes, getting some press if your a narcissistic celebrity, or maybe to piss your parents off.

“Green Cards” too, almost forgot those.


What is the “Legal” purpose of Marriage? To have children? What about all those heterosexual couples that never have children, often by choice. If Marriage was for procreation what about those who Choose not to have children? Are they breaking some kind of law’s? Should they be arrested and imprisoned for refusing to perform their duties as husband and wife? Or are they supposed to be Forced to procreate? I think it’s a safe bet that since those things don’t seem to happen in America when Marriages fail to produce children there aren’t any laws on that. At least as far as I’m aware and I’m pretty sure that would hit every newspaper and Blog from here to Guam 5 minutes after it happpend.

So, if not procreation, it must be for … for .. ummm…I got Nuthin here…

I’m spinning in circles here trying to get why the “Legal Defintion” says “One Man – One Woman” in so many States if not to make babies? I’ve been Married, a Heterosexual Marriage to be specific and guess what? The only thing that came out of it,was a Helluva lot of fights, some screwd up tax forms that are still getting straightened out and about 300 attempts at getting the name changed right, which the DMV never Could get right. No new babies, we both had kids from previous relationships however, no special privelages, except for the Government’s privelage of charging a marriage penalty tax. Neither of us recieved superpowers (which would have made it worth the Hell it became at the end at least) all we walked away with was headaches really. Oh don’t get me wrong, it was great the first few years, I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. Well maybe a few things but those I’ll keep between myself and my pillow.

So as I said, I’m confused. Why must it be One Man and One Woman? Hell, why just One and One even? I see the logistical problems of a plural Marriage and some possible financial strain but otherwise cheating spouse and divorce rates would Drop like a rock. Imagine the possibilties ……


Oh, Sorry, mind wandered. Where was I?

Discounting Religion, because Religion is not a basis for Law, why One Man and One Woman? Makes no logical sense whatsoever really. Yes, alot of people hate the idea of Same – Sex marriage but alot of people went Orbital over the idea of One BLACK Man and One WHITE woman, or vise-versa, not that far back in time.

Something I read today is what had me thinking so hard on this, though it crosses my mind often anyway. A comment in the local paper got me questioning on this angle. This “person” stated that the Bible says One Man – One Woman and that “Legal Marriage” is meaningless and should be abolished.

Well, that just fed right into why should it be only One Man – One Woman in a “Legal Marriage” then? If Legal Marriage has no meaning beyond being a Legal Contract, then why does it matter if it’s boy+girl, boy+boy, girl+girl, boy Or girl + umm, I don’t know the word for half way thru gender reassignment, but that one.

No, not Everyone shares that individuals exact view, yet it does shine a light on the most important aspect of the “Legal Definition” of Marriage. Legal Marriage really has nothing to do with Religion, even a Judge can marry two people, so why does Religion seem to be the only basis for this ridiculous, Discriminitory, definition of One Man – One Woman? Procreation has been ruled out and there really Is no other reason beyond distaste for it which the legalization of Mixed-Marriages has taken off the list.

So again, what’s the Legal, Constitutionaly Solid, Basis of this restriction on Legal Marriage?


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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

2 responses to “What is Marriage?”

  1. Tafacory says :

    Well said. There seem to be no good reasons for such argumentation. The evidence, as well as the logic, goes against the Theists in this issue. If I could say something to all of them: “Give it up mate. The jig’s over. You guys are outnumbered (evidence) and outgunned (logic). Cheers.”

  2. William says :

    Thank you

    I really do wish that those with a personal or Religious prejudice against Same-Sex Marriage would just accept that Noone is going to Enforce a Same-Sex Marriage quota and force hetero’s into it to get the numbers up. So theirs no Real problem here.

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