For People Who Don’t Believe In God, You Atheists Sure Do Talk About Him A Lot

If the various Religious crowds can Preach on corners, have their own T.V channels, knock door to door with pamphlets, etc…
I think it only right and fair that Atheists can express their opinions. Besides I’ve never heard of any “Atheist Crusades” committing genocide to spread their Non-Religion, or any other actions performed in the name of Non-Religious-Belief that hurt or killed anyone.

The Dixie Flatline

It's an accusation I see a lot. The inference is supposed to be something like "So you don't believe in God? Fine, but in that case why all the fuss and bother about something you don't believe in? Just shut up, already."

Problem is, those nonexistent gods might not affect us, but belief in those gods does.

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