I think I Broke my Brain

Years of mis-use, dis-use and reckless a-buse have turned a once shining example of biological engineering into a lumpy grey spongy thing that goes *squish-squish-squish* when I shake my head really fast. By the way, that makes me very dizzy and nauseous, so don’t ask me to demonstrate unless your prepared for me to puke on your shoes.

I was walking through the store earlier, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing at the store when I was supposed to be at the library, when it hit me why I have this Blog.

I SUCK at writing, I never have anything much to say as I have no actual life and I keep forgetting my web-address (I have it bookmarked I’m not a complete idiot, yet, but I keep forgetting where the bookmark folder is I put it in) when it struck me. The pole holding up a display that is, I suppose I struck It actualy but anyway, I look up and theirs a sign.

It says 25 cents off  bratwurst, I went to grab some before it all ran out and half way to the register I realized I don’t even LIKE bratwurst. Thats when it hit me , the epiphany this time, well that and a little old lady on one of those power scooters but she’s not important here (well maybe in an existential way but not important to this post)

Where the HELL was I going ? Oh yea, why I have this Blog. It’s obvious to me that I’m losing my mind, or maybe I rented it out and forgot where I put the rental receipt. Anyway, this seems to be my way of leaving an imprint (not like when a puppy humps your leg or something), a digital record of what Little coherent, intelligent, thought I have left. Somewhere between the rantings and incomprehensible rambling’s I’m pretty sure something of value Had to have slipped through.

I realize that some day, weeks or  months after I go completly bonkers my Blog will be shutdown and the drive wiped to make room for a LoLCat Central Blog or something (no offense to LolCats, I kinda like them, but then again I’m the one going insane).

However, on the internet or -webs or -tubes or whatever the kidz are calling it these day’s nothing ever vanishes completely.  Somewhere in the digital ether some of my posts will remain.

In the hopes that at least Some of the ones that make sense to anyone survive somewhere, I keep Blogging for posterity. It’s a small and perhaps sad endeavor but it’s all I have, other than a rather disturbing collection of midget prOn. Theres some other stuff, but best if you think it’s all just midgets, very hairy midgets.

I must make 1 request while I am still somewhat lucid … if the madness consumes me completly and I make ANY attempt to join the Republican Party … SHOOT TO KILL … I have spoken with God and can assure you my execution will be deemed a mercy killing by the Divine and absolution is guaranteed.

If your still reading this far, you’re either laughing or loading your rifle …. I’m gonna go with laughing … so I can actualy sleep tonite.

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About William

Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

4 responses to “I think I Broke my Brain”

  1. William says :

    In case anyone actually read that post, I am Not making fun of midgets, I would never dream of it, tease perhaps but not make fun.

    Once you’ve dated a midget bodybuilder you learn the distinction Very quickly.

  2. toxicheartz says :

    I laughed of course but to be on the safe side I loaded my rifle too.

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