We’re all Inbred

As disturbing as it is to think of it, humanity is a race of inbreds. At least that’s what the “Christians” teach us.

According to Christianity, “God” made Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden. Then after they were thrown out of the Garden under dubious circumstances they went on to have two children, Cain and Abel. If I may make a personal observation, God should have maybe created Parenting Classes or perhaps Anger Management therapy right around that period, just sayin.

So, we have these two ex-nudists and their two Son’s toiling about living their lives right? Ok, so where the hell did everyone Else come from? I can’t find mention of anyone Else being created by any means other than the traditional and highly recomended way. Some seem to think that it just got left out by mistake, only that doesn’t seem likely. Read Genesis sometime, they were pretty OCD about keeping track of what God made and who begat who.  Even If that was a clerical error we have “The Flood”

(pictured: The Flood)

God got a little sick and tired of how things turned out down here on Earth and had Noah and his kin climbed aboard the “S.S. Screw the World” prior to giving the whole planet a Power-Wash. This small group were the Only human survivors of the flood according to the Bible, they are pretty explicit about that in “Genesis”

Did God create some new people After the “Big Flush”? No mention I can find on that and what was the point in having Noah and family on that boat with the Worlds Craziest Petting Zoo in history in the first place if God did ? A practical joke? Besides, if God had made more talking monkey’s (sorry, I just love that term for humans) how did it get left out, yet Again?

Basically what I’m saying is, to believe Genesis as a Fact is to say that this planet’s dominate species consists of well over 6 billion inbreds, with blood ties going back Millenia. No wonder the world is in such turmoil, it’s the movie  “Deliverance”  on a Global scale !

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