What is a Christian

Do you know what makes one a Christian? Most people don’t. They Think they do but they don’t. Want the real answer?

The REAL definition of a Christian, is someone who strives to understand the words and teachings of Jesus Christ and seeks to live life by the example he set with his Own life.

That simple.

Churches and Bibles and Bake sales are just a bunch of crap thrown in over the years and CALLED Christianity.

The Bible didn’t even Exist in the time of Christ. He didn’t write it, he wasn’t there for the editing process. The only connection between him and that incomplete, extremely adulterated piece of literature is some quotes by him and stories about Him.

Unfortunately figuring out which parts about Him were altered, deleted or just made up is a difficult task. Many documents that were discovered over time and believed to be part of the original collection, pre-compilation, are held by the Vatican and they don’t like to share. For the most part I think whats in there is probably fairly accurate, but no way to know for sure.

If you think going to Church on Sunday and reading that so-called Holy Bible makes you a Christian, your an idiot.

Christ is NOT in a book or a building or in the mouths of pedophiles that look stunning in vestments. True Christianity has not a Damned thing to do with guys in white suits with Really bad hairdo’s asking for your money. Being a Real Christian is not a badge of Honor you wear for doing whatever the parrot on the pulpit says God wants you to do.

To be a REAL CHRISTIAN is simple. Learn from Jesus and try to do your best to follow his example. That Damned Simple.




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