A letter to my earlier Self

Dear Dumbass

You think you know so much, but until you learn that the more you know the more there IS to know, you don’t know a Damned thing.

You’re going to make mistakes, LOTS of them. Some will be innocent enough while others you will feel that whisper deep inside trying to tell you “Stop” and you’ll just turn up the music to drown it out.

You’re going to smoke too much dope, drink too many drinks, start too many fights and date all kind of walking time-bombs.

You will also fall in love with a few special ones, that you will totaly fuck-up with. There will be Love, Joy, Happiness and no small measure of Passion in life. There will also be Betrayal, Pain, Depression and Sadness. Very often all of those things will be so interwoven you will Never be able to untagle it.

You are going to make friends and lose friends. Some will fade away, others will die and some will become enemies. Some of these friends will have a great impact on your life in good and bad ways. Some will be very nice people that you screw up and piss off for no good reason. Some will be people who needed you and you them, for a time, when the time passes it ends. Too many will be psychic vampires sucking the soul out of you untill you free yourself from the spell.

You will walk many paths to find God. You will Know God and you will Love God. You will Know God and Hate God. There will even be times when you tell God to just staythe Hell out of your way.

You will learn and experience and find many Truths in life, some which will only make sense to You and some that will help others to see their own inner Truths as well as the Truths we all see but don’t always recognize. You will develop philosophies and beliefs that change your life and others. You will also abandon some of those Truths and Understandings as they are outgrown or discard them out of foolish wrecklessnes or loss of Faith in yourself.

All in all, you will think and know and feel Great things in life and some of them you’ll somehow manage not to destroy for yourself by being a Jack-ass.

Now strap in and hang on tight because nobody makes it out of life alive

Who do you think it is, Dumbass


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Just a Blogger with too much time to kill. Ranting and Raving about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type. Politics, Religion, Social issues even Personal crap..errr ...Revelations at times.

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