Courage in the Face of Death

Many people have great Courage. From Soldiers to Firefighters, from those that go to the most God Forsken places to help others that have noone else to those that run right into the flames or throw themselves under the bus to save a strangers life, just because they happen to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Some of them know Death is a possibility and are fully prepared to spit in it’s eye. Other’s when the moment comes they don’t even give a second look before charging head long at Death and dare it to try and stop them. These are Brave people, some know fear yet don’t let it stop them and some don’t have the time to wonder if they should be afraid because they have something else to do first.

All of these people, the Firefighter, the Brave Soldier, the everyday person that doesn’t stop to think, “what about ME?” should be admired for their selflessness. There are many other kinds of dedication to your fellow men and women but I’m on the Death trip for this post.

What about those who are living their lives like anyone else when they get the call “your results are in, we need to talk” and what about the people who love them and have to face the inevitable with nothing they can do but Pray.

Cancer, AIDS, Heart Conditions on and on a list of diseases and condition’s that you could have just got or had all your life but didn’t know untill that call came. Now suddenly, your going to die. Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s Your Mother or your Father, Brother, Sister, Lover, Best Friend or God forbid your Child.

What about Them?

What about those who get the metaphorical, Black Roses and See you Soon card from Death and the poeple that would give their own lives in trade if only Death would answer?

I know too many who have passed and too many who are waiting for the Hearse to come up the drive. Some, I love very much and my life would be a pittance to pay to save them or return those who have already gone. I know too many who would be just as willing if not more to make the same trade.

Courage, is never better defined than to look in the eyes of someone who KNOWS they are going to die and can do nothing but wait for it, yet they still smile, they still laugh and they still love. Through the pain, the anger and the sadness they somehow still find it in them to care more for those they leave behind than for themselves.

Courage can be seen in the heart of the Mother who holds strong for her children as their Father counts each breath as a clock winding down. The Child who’s Mother is not long to this world yet looks to heaven and says “thank you for letting me have her for a little while”

Not all Heroes run into a Storm of Bullets, Charge into a Blazing Inferno or throw themselves into a Raging River to save a life.

Some Heroes face Death one tick of the clock at a time and just Smile when the knock comes at the door

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