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Sodomy is Not a Civil Right

I read about this here¬†and I have to agree with Bob Marshall, it’s not.

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I’m thinking about Suicide

Everytime I say those words someone either freaks out and starts giving me self-help lectures or starts making a mental list of my few worldy possesions. I’m not sure which bother’s me more.

I was having a converstation on the subject which is why I’m thinking about it. I’m not sitting here with a bottle of pills typing out a Farewell Opus, I’m just pondering the subject.

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This is great

Anybody else wanna shoot this guy with a “potato gun” right between the¬†ideologies?


For William ;)

Source Unknown

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War in Heaven ?

Was there a War in Heaven? Did God have Lucifer thrown out for starting it? Is there a Heaven and Hell in the first place?

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I’ve found Jesus

The following is is my story of of Finding Christ

Seems he wasn’t lost however, just really busy.

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