Sodomy is Not a Civil Right

I read about this here and I have to agree with Bob Marshall, it’s not.

Neither is masturbation which that loud-mouth bigot should keep in mind the next time he “rubs one out” on that sticky, stained copy of the U.S. Constitution he never bothered to read.

There is No “Pokey-Pokey” clause or amendment in the U.S Constitution and there never should be. How somebody gets their jollies is meaningless to the perfomance of their job or to the quality of person they are. There are exceptions of course but I am referring to the sexual acts of consenting adults here.

Anyone, anywhere, doing any job you can think of could be gay, lesbian, bi, transgender  or maybe  just into some really freaky stuff and you wouldn’t know it unless they told you. What difference could it possibly make what they do for fun in their free time, provided it doesn’t violate any rules.

A Judge moonlighting as a crack-dealer? That’s a bad thing. A judge that likes to cover themselves in butter and sing I’m a little teapot while being spanked by a transvestite midget in a Hillary Clinton mask? Disturbing and Creepy, but none of my business. Really, None of my business, if you have video of it please DON’T send it to me.

This fool spouted that stupidity about civil rights and then brought up the whole being an activist deal and lost any credibility to That argument about two seconds later when he said ” He can be a prosecutor if he wants to…”

So a Judge who may be leniant toward a certain group is BAD but a prosecuter that may be lenient toward members of that same certain group is OK? I’m a little lost on the logic here. Also, what if the “prosecuter” happens to know a Judge that symapthizes with their personal cause, don’t see a chance of collusion there “Bob”?

I don’t believe those things would actually happen, I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate here to make a point. If he has any real reason to believe that Mr.Thorne-Begland will be biased and leniant as a Judge toward a certain group, why wouldn’t he suspect the same thing from a prosecuters position? Or the alternate in both cases, going Harder against those in opposition to that group?

If he has reason or better yet Proof that Mr.Thorne-Begland will use his position as an officer of the court to promote a personal agenda, why the Hell isn’t he trying to have him removed from the Judical system entirely?

The answer is simple. He didn’t think it through because he doesn’t Actually believe theres a problem. It’s just his hatred overtaking his logic and making him mutter bigoted and ridiculous statements around the big ugly Foot that’s planted sqaure in his mouth.



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2 responses to “Sodomy is Not a Civil Right”

  1. Michael Hulshof-Schmidt says :

    William, thank you for expanding on this and linking back to my article. You are a great ally!

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