War in Heaven ?

Was there a War in Heaven? Did God have Lucifer thrown out for starting it? Is there a Heaven and Hell in the first place?

As there is no actual proof of any of things, we may never know. At least not while we’re alive anyway. We can believe or not believe but there is no Absolute unquestionable evidence.

Oh , there is the Bible, which one is the right one is another matter entirely, but most versions seem to agree there is a Heaven and a Hell, a God and a Devil and that they had quite the dispute once upon a time.

Now IF it is true that this war did occur, we must consider the time tested truth that any Historian can tell tell you.

“History is written by the Victor”

The Bible, no matter which version you take into consideration (Pre- or Post- King James, Catholic, Protestant, Universal, etc..) is a collection of various documents written by People but supposedly dictated by “God”. This includes the various books which were left Out for some reason or another.

Now bypassing the fact that Man is prone to mistakes as well as personal ambition which calls the editing process into question, there is one Fact that cannot be denied. If this war happened and if God did in fact dictate these works this would be a case of the Victor writing History.

Am I calling God a liar? No, not really, if God did put this story out about the “Rebellion” for all I know “He” (as the Bible likes to refer to God as a Male) could very well be telling the story as truthfully as “He” sees it. Lacking any corraborative evidence or impartial witnesses I have no way to tell if “His” version is accurate or not.

Does anybody know the other side of the story? Is there a collection of documents dating to that time which give the reasons for and accounts of this “War in Heaven” from “Lucifers” point of view? I’m not aware of any, but I’m no scholar so there may well be. Even if there is though, the one in the Bible is the one being spread by the “Victors” faithful followers.

The “Faithful” are a dubious source of information as often times the “Truth” of Gods grace has been written in the blood of Men, Women and Children by the Holy Armies of God on Earth, simply because they had a different point of view. Look up the “Crusades” for more information on that if you like. While your at it look up “The Inquisition” and “Witch Trials” and/or “Witch Burnings” for an insightful view of the Faithful spreading Gods Love and Forgiveness to the masses as well.

If your wondering about the Gay thing as so many are with it in the news so often, try Googling “Rev. Fred Phelps” to see how bad “God” hates homosexuals, especialy ones who DARE to fight and die for their “Christian America”

I’m not saying there is or isn’t a God or Devil or commenting on any of the other mythology attatched to so-called “Christianity” Not in this post anyway. What I am simply pointing out is,” History is Written by the Victor ” and IF this war occured as the so-called “Christians” say and IF this Christian version of “God” won it and this very same “God” dictated the so-called “Holy Bible” we have to take This into consideration.

We are Not hearing Both sides of the story.


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2 responses to “War in Heaven ?”

  1. fringewalk says :

    That book i reccommended to you has the tag line:
    ‘Finally…the other side of the story’! 😉
    Since i don’t know how to post photos here, i’ve posted one on my blog for you 😉 x

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